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1. I don't understand why every weekend myself decides to wake up very early. I don't get it. It's not like myself asked me about it, because I totally disagree. I really wish I had a say in that matter.

2. Took part in Earth Hour. It's alright if you're against it. Or for it. It's a personal choice, I think. I like the symbolism of it, of being tuned in with the rest of the planet. Symbols are important (we write, so we ought to know.) On occasion, symbols might even awaken people. Who knows.

3. Caught up with SPN (hiii pretties) and Dollhouse (hiiiii pretty).

4. Pumpkin cheesecake is AWESOME.

5. QUESTION, flist. What do you think about Paypal? Is it as good easy reliable etc as people say?

6. This is your daily reminder:

There are many wonderful skillz there for the claiming. With a bang, people, with a bang. Winchester style, remember?

Enjoy your Sunday!
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(I still haven't watched SPN so no talk/spoilers of that here)

Girl team of my school won their first game. I was assistant coach, sorta and i'm so happy because we were outsiders, we are such a small school, and hell, my kids were bloody awesome! And they listened!I'm so proud of my wee ones! I was so hyper when I got home yesterday! And now they say they want me in the next game too, cuz they think I brought them luck. So I suppose I was assistant coach/mascot at the same time. BWAHAHAHAHAH! I can totally say I have done this too in my life now Let's all take a minute to remember coach Dean in red shorts.

Also? OMG IT'S TERRIFYING AND EXCITING (and it's for a good cause too):

and I shall bug you until you say: OMG. ULTRAVEE, STFU, WILL YOU?

*beams at you all*

Have a lovely weekend!


Mar. 9th, 2009 08:09 pm
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... I passed by an accident on my way home. It was a head on collision thing, ambulances all around, saw a guy on the ground and... man... i tried catching the local news but so far I came up with zilch. I so hope everyone is alright. I mean, I had a really good teaching day today, i was singing as i was driving back and suddenly i came across this and my knees got weak and shit, people. Shit. I just hope this people are alright. *sigh*

I don't know what else to tell you. It's been a weird day. I saw this commercial where there is this grandpa and his grandson, something about bonding and chocolate and pretty boats in a greek island, and i realized i miss my grandpa.  He died way back in '88 when i was still young but i miss him.  I was loved by him and it was palpable. I still got my granny left, and that's grand, but i miss grandpa too. And i know i've been lucky, so lucky, i am being loved so much (and i love so much) my family, but it's just... i miss granpa. He had this dimple on his chin and he had careful moves and he used to pat my head and tease me and watch me play in the yard.

And just... who the fuck creates life when one is taking it away, huh? What kind of creator is that, if there is one? What kind of cosmic plan? Ta panda rei and all that shit that Heraclitus said, yeah, i know, what don't change dies, but even if it changes it dies anyway and i don't know.  I wish i believed in afterlife, but i have a rough time believing and it makes it so... i don't know. On the one hand every little worry seems stupid, just stuuupid, and on the other you just... i can't deal with shit like that. Don't wanna deal with shit like that, don't want to think about the cosmic vastness because everything seems so small compared to that.

And my cousin is going to start chemo soon and it just... I don't know. It's just... weird brain chemistry today, is all.
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I am sick. I have therefore reached the conclusion that February must pass, too. March. I totally need March. Maybe. I'll totally settle for the weekend. *is irrationally cranky. And schizoidally shiny*


*gets back to bed*


Dec. 14th, 2008 06:16 pm
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So, you know. Kept watching the news and reading newspapers and all that shit the last week. I mean, i always do that anyway, but this reached obsessive levels this week. Anyway. Events here seem to have calmed down. Which is of the good. The day after is... going to be a loooong looong day I reckon. Anyways.

Just wanted to thank you for the hugs and the good vibes. Sorry it took so long to get back at you. Don't mean I didn't appreciate and love you for it, it's just that I can be sucky like that, when shit hits real life either I reach out or I hide in a cocoon thing of real life, and this time it was a cocoon of real life thing going down. And real life, sociopolitical events aside, was a bit of the non shiny side as well. *waves it off* Whatever. I'm running low on shiny, but I will strain the goddamn thing till i make an entry of it. So here it goes:

There were two really good things this week. One, that I kept seeing rainbows, cuz it's been rainy, and it's awesome when a rainbow just pops up like a mirage. Two, one of my school is in a rural place, and part of the school yard, which is not used as a school yard but has olive trees instead, well, some guy brought his herd of horses there, so it's 7.50 in the morning, i park the car and have kids running towards me pointing the fingers towards the field excitedly, and I go out of the car and they drag me there (they are deathcute btw. My kids) and what do i see? About 9 horses of different sizes (ages?) and colours grazing there, under the olive trees and me, with my kiddies, watching them. Go ahead, laugh at my polyanna-ism, but if there is such a thing as horses under olive trees and my kiddies, then the world can't be as shitty as it felt this week. It just can't. At all. I refuse it to be, okay?

Other good thing: I finished the Lehane novels involving Kenzie and Gennaro. I'd do Patrick in a heartbeat, yes, dragonz, but uhm. I'd also totally do Bubba. He may be a psycho, but he's a psycho kinda like Tito Pullo in the HBO Rome thing. Which is awesome btw. And I kept seeing Pullo as Bubba, to be honest, while i was reading so.. uh. Yeah. Now i'm started on Neil Geiman's American Gods. (Books help. They always help in this cocoon real life thing.)

And I have a fic in my folder, that[info]pdragon76 was awesome and betaed like, daaaaays ago, but I seem unable to rework it because my mind seems crowded, too crowded. I keep dreaming that I'm drowning or I'm eaten alive, and I guess it's just the current events crawling into my subconscious but. Whatever. I'll try this week, because it's comforting to have a fic, even when it hasn't been boxed in the right shape yet, you know? You know that the foundation and the frame is there, and all you have to do is paint the walls and add the windows and the floors. And probably some furniture as well. You know what? My architectural metaphor sucked, but you get the gist.

I'll try to catch up with you, guys, i'm pretty sure you've been up to a lot. Have a great week.


Fuck that.

Dec. 7th, 2008 07:06 pm
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There's shit going down. )

This is supposed to be my happy place. My feelgood place. Ignore me. I'll bring the shine back in. Tomorrow. Or something. *sigh*

Oh. Huh.

Oct. 29th, 2008 01:48 pm
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Oh my stars. Yesterday was my lj birthday thingy. Two years with you, guys, and it's been virtually (ha, ha, pun intended *lame, i know. Don't judge*) a blast! \o/ Thank you for being so shiny and amazing and awesome and all those other pretty synonyms you care to throw in here. *smishes* I hope you always get what you need, what you want and what makes you shiny. So there.

Also? Undead livejournal for the win!!! \o/ I wish i could keep that headerthingy FOREVER.

And now i'm going to go all roadrunner on you *needs to prep for Italian and lesson plans for tomorrow* BEEP BEEP!

ETA: I have the memory of a goldfish on occasion. *facepalm*
Happy belated rl birthday[info]aislinamara and [info]cormallen ! October babies ftw! *confetti*

*beep beep*

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I've had a day which isn't of the shiny. It's not the no-visibility-when-driving rain, and it's not the PMS. I found out some family stuff about some students I can't get into right now, because it just makes me so mad. So. freaking. MAD. And I don't get why kids have to be condemned and will be stigmatized for shit their idiotic parents pulled. *deep breath. exhale. deep breath. exhale* I can calm down. I totally can. I can. I can. YES.


Some shiny and of the good then:

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The banners? Please me. A LOT. (And how many chances a year do I get to glee at the world that I'm a ho/tart, huh? \o/ Very liberating, t'is. Totally. *gigglegigglegiggle* *smish*)

ps I love my kids. And i love my nephews. I got to craddle and play and cuddle my five months old nephew and he's soooooo.much.love. If i'm loving other people's kids (pupils, nephews etc) that much, what am I going to do once I get some of my own? Melt? Combust? Light up the world in shine? What? *marvels*

ps of ps: CASTIEL.
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It won't be a list really. It will be a good and bad thing. Uhm. There will be lots of buts inserted. (I agree that butts would be more interesting but the only variety right now is the one-T kind. Ahem.)

I got this whole Castiel thing going on. Haven't felt this... focused since John. If that makes any sense. And I'm writing this fic about Castiel. BUT. I don't have a clear head and can't write it tonight. And also, second BUT, I'm staying clear of any Castiel related fics (and generally staying away from fics. I need writing focus) so as not to be influenced, which means I have to postpone reading [livejournal.com profile] smilla02 and [livejournal.com profile] dotfic , and i'm SO. ITCHING.TOREAD.THEM. ARGH.

SWEET CHARITY THING! \o/ It's all so very exciting!!! BUT. I'm pretty sure I won't win anyone. Ah well. And I wish there were those graphics you put in your journal to say you're a ho tart whatever. (Just a small moment of weakness, that's all.)

My car, my car. New problems. I don't know what the hell is up now. It's only 3 years old and has done 70.000 km. Driving is mostly in not straight roads, rather lots of ribbonlike up and down winding, but maaaaan. Duuuude. *whine* I'm taking it to the carmechanic guys tomorrow. BUT. I get to see them. They always cheer me up (except when i have to pay. Dude. Duuuude. *more whine*)

Dude. Dude. I got both my ringfingers bandaged. One for unidentified bleeding and the other by a papercut the size of Kansas. So ok, it's just a papercut, but now i'm touchtyping really, really slowly, or else you'd be reading somethiowng liawket thiss. *sigh*

And work's been really, really tiring. BUT. Most of my kids are FTW. YES.

That's pretty much it. *looks at ceiling hoping Castiel will fall down somewhere*

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Lookit, lookit, new layout! I wanted something that wasn't black and was completely white or grey, but, as usually, i start off somewhere and end up somewhere differently. So i stuck to the same colour palette. Uhm.

And i printed calenders off, marking my work days for the year to come, and i found a small portable whiteboard and i use this to write my to-do lists. I figure, better than having the place heaped up with crumbled papers, right? *taps fingers on desk* Thing is, i always start off so organized and then somewhere along the way chaos starts taking over. Heh.

Other than that, just got back from a wedding. Couldn't wear my new dress/shoes cuz it was too freaking hot, but thank god for other pretty dresses. Was nice and all that. With the exception of a bitch that burned me on my foot with her cigarette. What a lowlife bitch. (she was. A low life bitch. You'd known if you'd see her. And right now my foot is itchy so i'm entitled to swearing, okay?)

Question: What's up with the ljcut? Was trying to update my sticky post with fics and it ate up half of my links. Now i have to do it all.over.again. *kicks ljcut*

What else, lemme see... nothing i can currently think of. Oh wait. I've been meaning to get you hooked to this. It's a fun little thing, and it's not as difficult as it seems.

That's pretty much it. *stretches*

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My summergen prezzie is out! *jensen jig*
GO. READ. NOW. I'm not saying it just because it was written for me, but because it is a story the ending of which you won't see coming. And it will catch you by surprise as it moves along. And the writing just kicks ass and is so well balanced and so... awesome. And i had no idea that anyone could pull such weighty and solid and freakinggreat writing with a prompt that seemed to be only intended for humour, but dear god, the anonymous writer (i may have a clue btw. Not sure though. Heh.) just twisted the perspective and focal points and balanced out all emotions, from humour to teary to everything....And it is just... PERFECT. Linky link:

Five Times the Winchesters Went Invisible: A Chronological Record

Yeah, i'm loving this story, can you tell? *grins so much top of head is about to fall off*

So go! Read! Take part in the peachy fizz shininess that is today! It's not xmas, but it's close! (And it totally rains outside. Could qualify as... pre-pre-pre-pre xmas. Totally. Ahem.)

Also? More xmas: Dude. I totally rock this dress. TOTALLY. (yes. I bought it. DON'T JUDGE ME. I was possessed by Cordelia Chase's ghost.) And tomorrow I'm going to the Oriental dance class. It's more of a let's-try-to-see-if-i-like-it session, still. We'll see. And one of these days I'll start writing again. *grin*


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Happy new month and all that.

I come bearing gifts. Etc. )
See? Not f-locked this time. Go me.

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(well, technically here it isn't morning, it's 11.20, but i woke up at 8.30 after having fallen asleep at 2 in the morning so i fell asleep again. And now i woke up cuz i had to find some addresses and numbers for my bro *smishes him*) 

(And technically it's not a good morning cuz the weather only got worse and instead of sunshine there is rain! Not that i mind it, but it's a bit cold. And i couldn't wear my really short dress yesterday *weeps*)  

Oh dragonz, no proxy, i tell you. NO PROXY. CRAP. Nothing remotely interesting around! Nothing! But hey, i laughed my ass off and had fun so that counts for something, right? right, dragonz? (ps the little chant you told me to singsong in my head before going out? Works wonders for my mood. *nods*)

And now i should be doing stuff. Like, finish up plot donkeys and clear out useless files cuz goddamn, you know how Sam was after that thing the Trickster pulled on him? How organized and neat he was? My pc? Is on the exact opposite side of this spectrum. How do i always manage that is beyond me. It's starts all neat and organized and suddenly KABOOM. Jungle growth. And the worst part is that the jungle growth is actually fully functional. *headdesk* I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, Ethan Rayne, thou art my sire. Probably. Or something.

Grrrr. Maybe i should check out decluttering sites. See what sort of advice/suggestions they have. *sigh*


ps Why didn't i know about this? Why? How could i NOT have known about it?? How? *shimmies along*

ETA: i've organized the writing folders in my pc. Spent the whole afternoon on it. And i still have the picture folder ahead *groan* Oh lord.  I DREAD THIS FOLDER. IT'S AN EVIL FOLDER. *sobs*
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I've been off work since Friday (omg yei) but the last weeks have been crazybusy. And so are the days to come. And then I'll be leaving on the 18th or 19th and won't be back till the end of June and I have to-do lists and I really, really need to get everything done before I leave, hence the running around like a crazy chicken. Duck. Whatever. And hence the general absent from lj thing.

In the mean time, it is totally.not.helping waking up with ideas stuck in my head especially since I spent two hours unstucking it from my head. Or de-stucking it. Or, you know.

The point is, I've got a 1,000 word piece written. It's a BSG/SPN xover, gen, with spoilers for 4.10 bsg and 3.16 spn, so you should probably be up-to-date with both verses. Does anyone have time for a really, really quick beta? Just grammar and syntax stuff? Watch me beam at you and tell me you can resist the shiny and the I-will-love-you-forever vibes I'm sending. *nod*

ps I have missed birthdays. I know. I know. I SUCK. 

[profile] jdsgirlbev[profile] sandwich_zombie happy belated birthday! I hope you had fun and lots of cake (NOT pie) and great prezzies! *is five years old*


May. 12th, 2008 11:05 pm
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It's all good. Great. Excellent. *does a Jensen jig to not jinx anything* (<= if Jared has a shimmy, then Jensen deserves at least a jig, don't you think?)

So so so sorry for not replying back yet. Will catch up with everything as soon as I can. Which I hope will be tomorrow. (insert questionmark of dubiousness...ness... dubiosity... something...here.)

Shiny mode activate! *does more of the Jensen gig*



Dear Sammy,

May. 3rd, 2008 10:39 am
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I know you hate being called that since I'm not Dean, but I'm pretty enough to get away with it. Probably.

So anyway, it was your birthday yesterday and I completely forgot about it; I was pretty much hyper all day long, because I knew I would come crashing down today. Cuz my brother left, see, and I'll see him in two months again and I'm all emo now. :( And I know you are rolling your eyes right now because clearly i'm infringing on your emo copyright because your brother issues are definitely more serious, but. You know.

So anyway, I wanted to wish you good stuff, like getting laid once in a while (though that would be for my visual benefit mostly) or, you know, walking around naked (ahem), but I know that is no birthday wish (unless we're talking about my birthday).

So I just wish you that Kripke doesn't whump you too much. And doesn't whump Dean either. I know you love him, you see. And you can't live without him and it would totally suck if Kripke gives us a heartattack with a cliffhanger on Dean's deal HEAR THAT, KRIPKE? but either way... well. There's fanfic, right? What displeases us can always be changed or worked around in fic and if you walked around naked some more I bet fangirls would totally facilitate that.

So. Happy birthday, Sam Winchester. May lots of Unicornia sparkles fall upon you and Dean.

Much, much love,

ps I'm going to make another pie now. A savoury one, probably.  A quiche, maybe. Everybody knows that talking to fictional characters a Winchester in combination with food is an instant shiny explosion. So there. 
And Sam? If you happen to be around the neighbourhood, do drop by, and bring Dean, too. You're totally entitled to a piece of me the quiche.

meme time!

Apr. 23rd, 2008 12:23 am
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I spent all afternoon brooding, moping, playing zombie mansion on my cell phone and room escape games online and I am failing to do anything constructive (but i did wash my car. Go me) am kinda not very hyper, therefore I am stealing memes from [personal profile] buffyaddict13I meme.

Based entirely on my personality (so if you've met me before, block what I really look like out of your mind), hunt down a "played by" who you think would best represent me. Reply here with the picture or link.

(Also, if you know any other fun memes, linky please. I'd shower you with sparkly and good vibes stuff. I wanted to say something else but forgot. Mashpotatobrain.)

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I have:

-the most generous flist in the world. Trufax (to quote van zombie princess).

-ficced today. I finished a plot donkey that I had started months ago (it started off because of some lyrics, so to speak. Well, not exactly lyrics. But sorta. Verses. You'll see. ) I have this "fist in the air like Dean" moment, because usually when i leave a donkey standing, it goes stale, but this one got back to life so i'm like HAH! TAKE THAT YOU EVIL PLOT DONKEY YOU.

-watched Fracture (oh ye gods, Ryan Gosling? Me wants), American Gangster and Juno. And the three first episodes of Bones Season 2. Goddamn, Boreanaz is just soooo.... sooooooooooooooooooooooo asogasoghanps. Yes. YES. 

- finished his Darker Materials, The Wee Free Men, Wintersmith (oh my god, I love Pratchett, i just love him so much) and I capture the castle. Now i'm reading Catcher in the Rye. Honest to god, I do love good writing, but thing is, nobody makes me feel like Pratchett. He feels like home and he feels safe, like childhood, and wise, like old age. He's... he's the reason the written word was invented.

- a cold town. It snowed yesterday. Then it melted away.  It's freezing cold outside and windy. I feel sore. I swear, even the roots of my hair ache should my hair move around. Like I've been sparring with a Winchester minus the fun sex part (What? Dude. Seriously. Why would anyone spar with a Winchester unless sex is to follow? Really.) 

- no wish to go to work tomorrow. But i bought an awesome short cargo/safari dress to be worn over leggins. *glee* Yes. I'm shallow that way.

-the (some could argue mistaken) belief that if I delay going to bed, Monday won't come. It's a totally valid and scientifically sound theory. *nod*

-read somewhere that in March/April there will be four more SPN eps? Is it true? Is it? *hoppity hop*

-the desire to change the header of this journal. Should it be Spike? Sam? Dean? John? Sam and Dean? Sam and Dean and John? I have no idea. So many pretty men, so many options...

That's all I have. Your turn now: 

You have

-a great week, shinies. And lots of Winchestery thoughts. 
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I went to my eye-doc yesterday (the cute helper left, boo) and apparently my eye allergies are back in business and some minor astigmatism? WTF? I'm only hoping that astigmatism showed cuz i had been reading a lot the night before, plus pmsing, and i know that hormones change the focus or whatever so i hope it's not permanent cuz SHIT PEOPLE. I HAD THE LASER THING IN JUNE. And now i'm wtfucking and terrified.

So now I'll have to do allergy tests and take eye drops and lots of other stupid things, and oh, the doc informed me that i'll always have the allergy and the drops will only relief symptoms (tired eyes itch yadda yadda) and i'm like WTF. AGAIN. WTF. I've never been allergic to anything in my life, and suddenly two years ago, i decide that i am.

So not shiny. SO not shiny, people. And not shiny is not my M.O so here's more WTF on my part.

Anyway, to keep a long story short, my on line presence will be more... scarce. Cuz. You know. WTF.

But since I'm not shiny I expect from you to compensate. And be very, very shiny. Like, LUMINOUS shiny. Okay? Okay.

Settled then.

Love ya, take care, bye. 

And omg yei, the pretties tonight. A bit of shiny in the not shininess that this week is.


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