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Hi, people. This had been a totally different intro post and then lj upgrades happened. Anyhow.

Things you need to might want to know:

I tend to friend back, but if your journal is in a language I don’t understand, I probably won’t. (That makes sense, doesn’t it? In my head it does.) If for some reason you want to defriend me, that’s okay. Was nice knowing you. *waves* I won’t take it personally.

Shows I'm flailing over )

On to the fic, shall we? )
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1. I don't understand why every weekend myself decides to wake up very early. I don't get it. It's not like myself asked me about it, because I totally disagree. I really wish I had a say in that matter.

2. Took part in Earth Hour. It's alright if you're against it. Or for it. It's a personal choice, I think. I like the symbolism of it, of being tuned in with the rest of the planet. Symbols are important (we write, so we ought to know.) On occasion, symbols might even awaken people. Who knows.

3. Caught up with SPN (hiii pretties) and Dollhouse (hiiiii pretty).

4. Pumpkin cheesecake is AWESOME.

5. QUESTION, flist. What do you think about Paypal? Is it as good easy reliable etc as people say?

6. This is your daily reminder:

There are many wonderful skillz there for the claiming. With a bang, people, with a bang. Winchester style, remember?

Enjoy your Sunday!

Oh. Huh.

Oct. 29th, 2008 01:48 pm
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Oh my stars. Yesterday was my lj birthday thingy. Two years with you, guys, and it's been virtually (ha, ha, pun intended *lame, i know. Don't judge*) a blast! \o/ Thank you for being so shiny and amazing and awesome and all those other pretty synonyms you care to throw in here. *smishes* I hope you always get what you need, what you want and what makes you shiny. So there.

Also? Undead livejournal for the win!!! \o/ I wish i could keep that headerthingy FOREVER.

And now i'm going to go all roadrunner on you *needs to prep for Italian and lesson plans for tomorrow* BEEP BEEP!

ETA: I have the memory of a goldfish on occasion. *facepalm*
Happy belated rl birthday[info]aislinamara and [info]cormallen ! October babies ftw! *confetti*

*beep beep*

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Happy new month and all that.

I come bearing gifts. Etc. )
See? Not f-locked this time. Go me.

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I am not going to the Asylum, but yes. The[info]ultraviolet9a has got reason(s) to whee. (And whee is totally a verb).

1. My link list was full (who'd have thought) so I did 
this. Awesome, no? (she said with modesty) And I updated my plot bunny cage notebook, because I had plot bunnies saved up on my mobile and little post its and bloody hell was that a freaking mess.

2. Also? Writing that thing I promised [personal profile] phantomas and

3. I saw Folsom prison thingy. And I got only one thing to say: The things the Winchesters make me want to do upon them? Belong to the Land of the Censored. *fans self* I love 'em. The whole bloody family.

4. Been outdoors a lot, which was...ah...fun. Had the first ice cream of the year, which was Haagen Daaz (or whatever that's spelt like) and it was chocolate and cookies and whipped cream and chocolate syrup (and now I'm thinking I want to use those materials on the Winchesters *facepalm*)

5. And I watched Bones, cuz [personal profile] e313 lend it to me, because DUH, David Boreanaz, and I got to say, Booth? Whipped cream and chocolate syrup on him too, please. *sigh* He's a bit like Angelus without the homicide. Censored land. Absolutely.

6. Also? I'm a spoiler whore. Or not really whore. Maybe slut. Or....something lighter than that. Like, uh...spoiler sassy? Or whatever? You got any term for that, people? Cuz I check only tiny details, not the whole thing. 
And anyway, my heart is beating very, very, very loudly, because I checked http://imdb.com and 




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I still haven't submitted my Ash and Jo and the Apocalypse fic to a community or two. Hell, I haven't even submitted my Bobby fic here, but I'm kind of...lazy now, you know? Too lazy to even check emails. And I have been a lousy soundingboard too. ([livejournal.com profile] theladyscribe, look at my puppy eyes and don't whack me over the head with a wooden spoon. Even though I deserve it.) But I started jogging again. And marked a lot of papers. And did a lot of real life chores. And, as is the case here, in my selective laziness I did the following which I included as a sort of...intro in my profile.( [livejournal.com profile] e313 saw it and said "You're weird. In a cute non threatening way, but weird." Or something of the sort. Huh. I wonder why. No, really.)
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ultraviolet9a looks a bit like this. Except she's taller. And less worked out. And her eyes are brown. She likes movies and books and series and chocolates and dark angsty domineering heroes. She's sweet, quirky and adorable. Unless her inner child comes out to play.
Strengths: She is multilingual, very smart, apparently very modest, loyal, quirky, stubborn and has a voice fetish. Sarcasm and/or wit is one more service she appreciates and offers on occasion. Is glowy and shiny to all she loves (flist included)
Weaknesses: She can be as hot headed as John Winchester, but luckily errs more on the diplomatic side. She can be very, very, very lazy. She wishes she could live in her own head sometimes. She gives many, many chances, but once you're blacklisted, you'll go back in her good books when the Yellow Eyed Demon has his own ski resort in Hell. Even then, she will be polite though. In a Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada kind of way.
Special Skills: She's got great empathy. Which is cool. And can suck. Especially when she gets her heart broken. People in real life, even strangers, tend to tell her their problems. She doesn't get paid for listening.
Weapons: She's got a really sharp tongue, an evil grin and on occasion functional puppy eyes. She blames the Winchesters for honing those further.
Fandom talk: She loves Whedon in all his fandoms, but Kripke has taken over. She loves movies too. But they are too many to list. Terry Pratchett, St.King, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath are just few of the writers that leave her gobsmacked.

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Sorry for the long post, but I think the ljcut is screwing up the formatting. *squint*


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