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>> They are not all saints

TITLE: They are not all saints
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Vaguely for all season 4 and for The Graveyard Book.
GENRE: Gen. Supernatural/The Graveyard Book.
CHARACTERS: Sam, Dean, Silas
SUMMARY: “If you drop that match, I will have to harm you.”
FEEDBACK: Dude… duh.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, no profit, don’t sue.
NOTES: Dear Mr Gaiman. Please please please don’t sue me. I meant no offence, it’s just that Silas haunted me. Dear Mr Kripke… well, you know how that one goes now, don’t you?
BETA: by lovely [livejournal.com profile] kattahj

Lisa, vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins and Eskimos.
-Homer Simpson

Like another story, years ago, this too starts in a cemetery. It’s not an ornate or overtly large one, just a cemetery this side of a small no-name town with an increasing rate in mysterious deaths the last weeks.

There is nothing unusual in the night breeze and the rustling leaves of the trees, nothing unusual about the silhouette of the town in the darkness. What’s unusual is that this tiny cemetery seems to have forgotten that graves are supposed to be covered up and the mausoleums locked, and it is strewn with salt and doused with gasoline from one end to the other. It makes one wonder who would have so much time and stamina, gasoline and salt to do all this, but the answer is probably easy: this is a hunter’s job. A Winchester one, to be more specific.

“If you drop that match, I will have to harm you.”

It isn’t a threat. It’s a statement, an undisputable fact like the Earth is round or This is the middle of nowhere (sort of) in the middle of the night and this guy has appeared out of the dark shadows around us and most importantly, we didn’t hear him.
The stranger )
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>> A hundred hearts
TITLE: A hundred hearts
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: All of it.
GENRE: Gen. Crossover Supernatural/Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog
CHARACTERS: Dr. Horrible, Sam, Dean, Bobby, Penny
SUMMARY: How far would you go?
FEEDBACK: Dude… duh
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not even the yoghurt.
BETA: by lovely [personal profile] theladyscribe.
“Don’t,” he says, “please, Penny, don’t, it’s going to be alright, it’s me, everything will be alright.”
He doesn’t raise his arms to protect himself, doesn’t try to hold her any longer; he lets her beat tiny clenched fists against his chest, shoulders, head, can feel the bruises forming inside out, relishes at the reality of them. Her.
She makes small, quiet sounds of despair, groans of pain that can’t be physical (they promised she’d be whole) and sags against the bed. The sheet has slipped down to her waist, small breasts, and beneath them a long scar, only thing to mar her skin.
Silent tears, hair the brightest thing in this improvised laboratory and all he can think of is I love you and I fixed it and you’re safe. She flinches when his hand reaches out to her, but he only pulls the sheet higher, till abdomen and chest are covered. She clutches it against herself.


Jun. 17th, 2008 04:57 pm
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TITLE: Salvage
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: for all things up to 3.16 in SPN and up to 4.10 in BSG
GENRE: gen, crossover SPN/BSG
CHARACTERS: Laura Roslin and BSG ensemble, Sam Winchester and other cameos.
SUMMARY: Would be very, very, very spoilerish.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: It’d be awesome if I owned any of it, really.
BETA: by lovely [profile] aislinamara
Solid ground. Waves rippling. Clouds travelling, wind on skin. It should have been good.
Radioactive crackle on the counter. Ruins. Wasteland.
It should have been different. Not this late. Too late.
They don’t speak.
This sight feels like the cancer eating her inside out, only in reverse. She needs to sit down.


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