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Nov. 15th, 2008 06:00 pm
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So. Spoilers ahoy for this ep, ok? Just some thinkythoughts.

the thinky thoughts start here )
Anyway. Just thoughts, is all. Fact is, SPN is the only show i'm so looking forward to watching every week. \o/

Have a nice weekend, shinies.
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This show... it's like a crazy rollercoaster ride through heaven and hell at the same time. And it owns me because it ties me up in knots and then unties me and then ties me up in new shapes like a fucking origami or those pretzels Ellen ran out of.

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I just watched 2.21. I can't stop crying and I think I'm hyperventilating. FIX IT, KRIPKE!

#$%&&^&&*&*^ DAMMIT!


(At least I got chocolate in my fridge.)
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Ok, if you haven't watched Born Under a Bad Sign what follows is a spoiler. Also, if you haven't watched the preview clip for 2.21 and the director's cut, this will also be a spoiler, but there is no other spoiler for 2.21 other than my own speculations which make me go like SON OF A BITCH!

Also, I got a question for you people, which requires you to have seen 2.20.

Question )

I think they broke my mind. I love/hate the Kripke crew.
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...when I'm tired and/or hormonal. Never. I'm barely holding it together right now.

(and I'm not really coherent anyway. But I did write Sam/River stuff, and I did write Spike/Jo stuff, god help me. I have no idea why I did. So I guess being tired and/or sick and/or pmsing is good for my muse but NOT for watching 2.17. And....good night to you all. I'll go brood or sth now. Or mope. Or cry. Or whatever. Cuz, you know. Damn the SPN team.)


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