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Hi flisties! I know a lot of you are celebrating Thanksgiving, so happy thanksgiving, people!

Also, what the entry title says. *points above*

If I ever tell you I'll be writing a longer fic of work again? Shoot me. Or rocksalt me. I won't mind. Honestly. I'm around 13.000 words into the story. With the outline already done. 2 to3 pages a (work) day isn't a bad rate, right? I will work this out of my system, cuz seriously, what the fuck is it with big plot donkeys taking over my brain so completely?
I'm a a pod people, people! 

And I'm off work on Monday and weekend is almost here... Heeeeh! *glee*

Also. I'm very shiny and happy and hyper, and wishing you are all too. 

Grouphug!!! *smishes flist*

(Now I'll go all invisible again. )

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Shiny people! HIIIIII!

If you won't hear from me in a while, no worries. I shall not have fallen off the face of the earth, it's just that I'm working on the said xover. I don't do discipline, nor effort, but when I do ('scuse my paradox), I really do. So there. 

So if you have written or read something that omg is totally omg, feel free to self- and hetero-pimp it with a comment here. Eventually I'll catch up and I will also sprinkle you with sparkly ultraviolet grateful vibes. (because catching up with fandom else-how is probably impossible. I've tried. It never works. Our fandom rocks and walks at lightspeed.)

Also, colour coordination makes me happy today. (Hence the redblack. Not red as in URGENT SOS READ. Just red cuz OOOOH it fits the icon. *facepalm*)

Keep on being very shiny! *puts sunglasses on,
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I've finished the outline and started writing an SPN/Heroes xover. If i manage this...it's...it's...dammit, you guys, it's one of the weirdest plot donkeys I ever had and it all makes sense in the end and CRAP! CRAP! *excited* I know it's silly posting about something like this, cuz, hello, it's not neuroscience or anything, plus, jesus, this is not a modesty attack, and it's just fic, it's not making the world go round or changing anything, but i'm just so excited i'm about to burst at the seams and if i don't get it out of my system i'll be hyper all afternoon and...and...*bouncy*

And now i feel like a five year old, but jesus, people, i'm just...I'm totally. SHIT. SHIT. *keeps fingers crossed*


[profile] longhairedlady? That scene we were talking about? It's there. And not random, it's there because it's essential for the plot. Fuck, I haven't been this excited since...since...since This is a story where.  *hops up and down*

And i don't have to go to work tomorrow and... you guys. Did i mention hyper? Did i? DId i?

Can I just add that I'm really really sorry for springing my hyper thing onto you? I am. Really.

*bounces some more, hugs flist, sprinkles with shiny sparkly candy stuff, hopes naked Winchesters will come to find us*

(also, on some but-i-am-a-grownup-really-i-am level, I'm thinking that being so excited because of a plot donkey is...not grown up. Oh who cares. *keeps on with the hyperbounce*)



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