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Dear dragonz,

First of all, for the record, ultravee is totally not asking me to do this saying she'll never do samsex again ever EVER YOU HEAR.  I am doing this completely out of my own free will what's left of it anyway and I'm just trying to lure you into the samside ease your mind with my flexing muscles compelling arguments because you're awesome magnificent sparkly shiny fudging amazing totally adorable because it's your birthday.

Look, we're spending so much time together on the Lee, and I want you to know that you write an awesome me. Totally hot. Which got ultravee drooling me thinking that deep down? You got a thing for me. And that's alright. Don't feel bad, Dean totally understands The Pirate Rule. He won't froth at the mouth feel bad if you start looking at me the way you ravish look at him.

And I totally know that you keep on saying doth the lady protest too much that i'm like your cousin, but, dragonz, even if i WAS your cousin, what's a little incest in this fandom anyway, huh?

So in conclusion, dear dragonz, as a birthday gift I promise i'll be absolutely naked co-operative for your next chapters of the Lee. I promise, scout's honour, you'll totally keep on loving to write lust after me.

Also, COMPLETELY OUT OF MY OWN FREE WILL i would like to request that you'd write Castiel, ultravee, stop shoving me dammit.

I hope you have an awesome birthday,

All my love, and glistening expanses of tight flesh

Sam Winchester.

ps I'm writing you this letter earlier, because I know that you'll be getting a lot of Dean stuff tomorrow. I don't want him to feel threatened.




Dragonz? My brother is an idiot. Ignore him. I'll be coming round tomorrow to play. -Dean

Happy birthday, lovely!  :)

Oh. Huh.

Oct. 29th, 2008 01:48 pm
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Oh my stars. Yesterday was my lj birthday thingy. Two years with you, guys, and it's been virtually (ha, ha, pun intended *lame, i know. Don't judge*) a blast! \o/ Thank you for being so shiny and amazing and awesome and all those other pretty synonyms you care to throw in here. *smishes* I hope you always get what you need, what you want and what makes you shiny. So there.

Also? Undead livejournal for the win!!! \o/ I wish i could keep that headerthingy FOREVER.

And now i'm going to go all roadrunner on you *needs to prep for Italian and lesson plans for tomorrow* BEEP BEEP!

ETA: I have the memory of a goldfish on occasion. *facepalm*
Happy belated rl birthday[info]aislinamara and [info]cormallen ! October babies ftw! *confetti*

*beep beep*

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I've been off work since Friday (omg yei) but the last weeks have been crazybusy. And so are the days to come. And then I'll be leaving on the 18th or 19th and won't be back till the end of June and I have to-do lists and I really, really need to get everything done before I leave, hence the running around like a crazy chicken. Duck. Whatever. And hence the general absent from lj thing.

In the mean time, it is totally.not.helping waking up with ideas stuck in my head especially since I spent two hours unstucking it from my head. Or de-stucking it. Or, you know.

The point is, I've got a 1,000 word piece written. It's a BSG/SPN xover, gen, with spoilers for 4.10 bsg and 3.16 spn, so you should probably be up-to-date with both verses. Does anyone have time for a really, really quick beta? Just grammar and syntax stuff? Watch me beam at you and tell me you can resist the shiny and the I-will-love-you-forever vibes I'm sending. *nod*

ps I have missed birthdays. I know. I know. I SUCK. 

[profile] jdsgirlbev[profile] sandwich_zombie happy belated birthday! I hope you had fun and lots of cake (NOT pie) and great prezzies! *is five years old*

Dear Sammy,

May. 3rd, 2008 10:39 am
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I know you hate being called that since I'm not Dean, but I'm pretty enough to get away with it. Probably.

So anyway, it was your birthday yesterday and I completely forgot about it; I was pretty much hyper all day long, because I knew I would come crashing down today. Cuz my brother left, see, and I'll see him in two months again and I'm all emo now. :( And I know you are rolling your eyes right now because clearly i'm infringing on your emo copyright because your brother issues are definitely more serious, but. You know.

So anyway, I wanted to wish you good stuff, like getting laid once in a while (though that would be for my visual benefit mostly) or, you know, walking around naked (ahem), but I know that is no birthday wish (unless we're talking about my birthday).

So I just wish you that Kripke doesn't whump you too much. And doesn't whump Dean either. I know you love him, you see. And you can't live without him and it would totally suck if Kripke gives us a heartattack with a cliffhanger on Dean's deal HEAR THAT, KRIPKE? but either way... well. There's fanfic, right? What displeases us can always be changed or worked around in fic and if you walked around naked some more I bet fangirls would totally facilitate that.

So. Happy birthday, Sam Winchester. May lots of Unicornia sparkles fall upon you and Dean.

Much, much love,

ps I'm going to make another pie now. A savoury one, probably.  A quiche, maybe. Everybody knows that talking to fictional characters a Winchester in combination with food is an instant shiny explosion. So there. 
And Sam? If you happen to be around the neighbourhood, do drop by, and bring Dean, too. You're totally entitled to a piece of me the quiche.


Apr. 17th, 2008 09:09 pm
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>> Journeys
TITLE: Journeys
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: generic spoilers for all three shows, but nothing much IMHO. Except for SPN where there are mild spoilers all around up to 3.12.
GENRE: Gen. Crossover between SPN/Doctor Who/Criminal Minds. (Yes. I know. Don’t judge.)
CHARACTERS: Dean, Sam, the Doctor, Spencer Reid
SUMMARY: Conditioners. Frizz. Screwdrivers. Journeys. It’s not crack, though.
RATING: pg13
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them. Bugrit.
NOTE: The story started here, and I was offered cookies and a spleen in return. You know me, I can never turn a good spleen ‘n cookie down. And then I thought, oooooh the prompt the dragonz suggested for her birthday works excellent here too. (What? I’m multitasking.)
NOTE2: beta by very shiny [personal profile] buffyaddict13. Her contribution in the Reid talk was amazing.
It is good to have an end to journey toward;
 but it is the journey that matters, in the end.
Ursula K. LeGuin.
It’s strange holing up in the TARDIS, though ‘holing up’ is the wrong word to begin with, cuz, dude, the place is huge. It should have come as no surprise, not with what he’s seen, not with what he’s been through, but here he is, here both of them are, in a freaking spaceship (“Time-machine cum spaceship,” Reid said the first day and Dean wanted to throttle him), and Dean’s not even feeling the need to hum Metallica anymore. Well. At least not loud enough for Sam to hear, though the Doctor rolls his eyes or whistles along as if he knows.
Once he even patted Dean on the shoulder telling him to relax, they weren’t actually flying. They were fazing in and out as they moved through dimensions, time, whatever, and Dean had stopped humming anything. There was no spit left for that, his mouth had run that kind of dry.
And the Doctor was chuckling, and then Sam was too. Superhearing bastards.
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OMG I HAVE VACATION NOW! YEEEEEEEI! I don't have to get back to work till the 8th Jan. OH.THANK.GOD.

Also, today it's my dad's birthday! (so we're going out for lunch. Or dinner or sth.)

And today is also oooooooooooooh so shiny

[personal profile] hiyacynth's birthday!!!!! (today is also the longest night of the year. Hm.) Therefore...

ultravee productions proudly present:


the job )
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Dear [personal profile] kroki_refur, writerly I am blocked, PLUS you feed me ten expressions and make me laugh and it's your birthday, therefore, 

ultravee productions proudly presents: 

Ahem. Please return to your normally scheduled... schedule.


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