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So it's been one year since I hopped on the lj/fandom wagon Impala and it's been a gorgeous ride. Not just cuz of our show, but because of you, guys.

Cuz I'm pretty sure I got the best.flist.ever. You may say, no, you don't, I have the best flist ever, but no. You're wrong. Trust me. I do.

Cuz my flist has got people (random order demon here) like my zombieprincess [personal profile] buffyaddict13, rockpaperscissory [profile] smilla02, ubershiny [personal profile] hiyacynth, always making me feel good [personal profile] zelost_mind(how have you been, hon?), [personal profile] e313(more offline friend than online, but still) who are always there for me. And I love you for that too, guys. I mean, come on, you make me smile and you are awesome, what's not to love?

My flist also has got so many more talented and gorgeously nice people that are a joy to be around.

So. Beat that. No? I didn't think so either.

I wanted to make icons and stuff for today. Just because. But the last days have not been so good (it's ok now, rationalized it, had my goodbye, I'm good, really) and all I did was this.

lookit )

Also? I bought shoes.
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Uhm. Now to the writing meme, because

[profile] smilla02 did jedimindthings on me, and so I had to say yes. Which I would have anyway, because, you know. She rockpaperscissors, so who am I to resist? :)




[personal profile] theladyscribe, sweetie? Hopefully I'll have finished your (waaaay late) birthday fic this week. *fingers crossed*  Finished it. *stretches* Now I need [personal profile] e313 to get back at me.

Also nr2? I'm way behind on my reading. Like, way behind. Waaaaaaay behind. And I got to go do some bank stuff now, and then some school stuff, and then some other stuff... and...*sigh* Stuff. It's aaaall good.

*sends cheesecake your way*


More ETA: ahoy, fellow flisties! How about doing this poll? It's about concrit and feedback and other nifty stuff http://kroki-refur.livejournal.com/136150.html?view=4012502#t4012502


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