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I had cold pizza for breakfast. And apple juice. And chocolate/cookie thingy sweets which I don't know what they're called but boy do they taste good. 

Heatwave is still on, but I got to stay indoors anyway, so. 

[profile] smilla02, hon, I know you relate. :) *sending lots of naked handsome men with big feather fans your way*

My other supercute/deep/intelligent nephew/godson was here yesterday, and he loves the applejuice I love and he eats pizza the way my mum does (doesn't like the crust) and for some reason that makes me all tingly cuz I love that boy and I love how many genes we share. And he loved the animal books we got for him for his birthday and the playmobils I had gotten him just because, and he makes me want to have children at some point, children that will be just like him. *sigh* No, I'm not biased. I'm not. Totally not.

And [personal profile] hiyacynth, I love you. You and your brain and your writing and yes, I totally agree, pool is not a prerequisite and those layers you talked about? YES. :) *hugs my inbox* YOU ARE SO MADE OF AWESOME THAT RIGHT NOW? PHRASING IS CHANGED. AWESOME IS MADE OF YOU. *hearts floating*

Uhm. It's kinda irrelevant, but, why don't we all take a moment to think of Sam naked moving around/lathering himself in cheesecake cream? *nudges [personal profile] buffyaddict13* Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? How's that for spongedimdeterrent, huh? *hug*

I've limited myself to about an hour or so of computer each morning and an hour each evening, so my time's up for now. And irrelevant again but, I thought that season 2 had totally fucked up my Firefly/SPN arc, but in fact? Last night? The plot donkey hit me with heavy hooves and you know what? KRIPKE, I LOVE THEE! Season 2 actually helps my plot donkey move!!! *pylean joy of dance*

I got to go see my eye doctor this afternoon. Hmm. This entry is completely...blah, but hey! I've been cooped up at home for a week not being able to do any of the things I like. Cut me some slack here, shinies.


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I am not going to the Asylum, but yes. The[info]ultraviolet9a has got reason(s) to whee. (And whee is totally a verb).

1. My link list was full (who'd have thought) so I did 
this. Awesome, no? (she said with modesty) And I updated my plot bunny cage notebook, because I had plot bunnies saved up on my mobile and little post its and bloody hell was that a freaking mess.

2. Also? Writing that thing I promised [personal profile] phantomas and

3. I saw Folsom prison thingy. And I got only one thing to say: The things the Winchesters make me want to do upon them? Belong to the Land of the Censored. *fans self* I love 'em. The whole bloody family.

4. Been outdoors a lot, which was...ah...fun. Had the first ice cream of the year, which was Haagen Daaz (or whatever that's spelt like) and it was chocolate and cookies and whipped cream and chocolate syrup (and now I'm thinking I want to use those materials on the Winchesters *facepalm*)

5. And I watched Bones, cuz [personal profile] e313 lend it to me, because DUH, David Boreanaz, and I got to say, Booth? Whipped cream and chocolate syrup on him too, please. *sigh* He's a bit like Angelus without the homicide. Censored land. Absolutely.

6. Also? I'm a spoiler whore. Or not really whore. Maybe slut. Or....something lighter than that. Like, uh...spoiler sassy? Or whatever? You got any term for that, people? Cuz I check only tiny details, not the whole thing. 
And anyway, my heart is beating very, very, very loudly, because I checked http://imdb.com and 





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