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>> New
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
Miami, 6.04.
GENRE: Het. Crossover. SPN/CSI: Miami
CHARACTERS: Jo Harvelle/Eric Delko.
SUMMARY: Miami is supposed to be shinier.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: I don’t want to own them. Though I can imagine some uses for Delko. Hm.
NOTE: [personal profile] vanillafluffy Santa list. It’s not exactly what she requested, but it’s the only thing I could come up with. Points for effort? :)
NOTE2: betaed by the lovely [personal profile] ileliberte.
She has no idea how she ended up tangled in sheets with him. Okay, she does have an idea, because he’s tall and she knew even before seeing it that his body would be firm and worked-out, and it’s been just so.freaking.long, and even though she likes her guys fairer (fuck you, Dean Winchester), he’s got the whole womanizer thing going down pat, and well… fuck you too, Jo Harvelle, she’s thinking. You goddamned idiot.
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I'm in a writing frenzy lately. Don't know why. 

Also, I'm tired of my layout. One of these days I might have to do something about it. *yawn*

And I made cheesecake today. (No joke, [personal profile] kroki_refur, I actually made cheesecake and I didn't think anything of it until it was done and I REALIZED THAT I MADE CHEESECAKE. My subconscious is obviously having a blast.)

Extra hugs to [personal profile] hiyacynth  today (just because) *sends her lots of cheesecake and ice cream and hugs and naked Sammylove*

Also, here's my drabble for the [community profile] spn_het_lovechallenge.

>> lollipop
TITLE: lollipop
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
GENRE: het
SUMMARY: short drabble on the said pairing. And lollipops.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: Don’t make profit, don’t sue.
NOTE: 15 min Saturday surprise challenge in [community profile] spn_het_love. (Took me 15 minutes. Maybe a few more seconds, but who can be that accurate, huh?)
lollipop )
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>> A ribbon at a time
TITLE: A ribbon at a time
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Generic spoilers, and heavy ones for 2.21, 2.22.
CHARACTERS: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Ellen Harvelle, Bobby Singer, Jo Harvelle and some minor players (and demons.)
SUMMARY: would be spoilery. But it picks up where season 2 finale left off. It’s a fic about how things might go sort of thing, rounding up the future.
RATING: PG-13. Potty mouth here.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: Wordweaving’s mine. The rest is wishful thinking.
NOTE: It hit me out of nowhere. So I hit it back.

Jo Harvelle shows up at Bobby’s doorstep about four days after all hell broke loose. She’s got a big duffel bag she can hardly carry and there are circles under her eyes. Rumsfeld barks at her, but Bobby stays him and shuts the book he is reading.
“Well,” he says, looking her up and down and then smiles beckoning her. And that’s all there is to it.
“Where’s my mom?” Jo asks.
“She’ll be here soon,” Bobby says.
Of course she has to go through the holy water drinking ritual, just like her mother did, days ago.
“Don’t think I’ll be serving you alcohol any time soon,” Bobby says when holy water is in her belly and no smoke is coming out. Jo’s eyes fill with tears.
“I guess all’s true then, isn’t it?” she asks. Bobby nods. She leans with her elbows on the table, head between her palms. Her hair is greasy and sticks to her skin.
Ribbon )
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>> The fourth day (since the world ended)
TITLE: The fourth day (since the world ended)
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Not really. Mild ones maybe.
GENRE: Gen. (Het, if your imagination is stronger than mine.)
CHARACTERS: Jo and Ash. Mentions of the
Winchester boys and Ellen.
SUMMARY: “Ah.” Ash looks at the ceiling. His eyes are red rimmed and hazy, but damned if that could ever fool Joanna Beth Harvelle. There are razors, sharp razors and intricate little machines whirring so fast behind those watered eyes, that the world would have a hard time catching up. If it wasn’t falling apart already, that is. Post apocalyptic. Jo and Ash at the Roadhouse.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own them. Don’t make money of them. That sort of stuff.
NOTE: So, after our competition was done, [personal profile] e313 decided that the Horsemen of the apocalypse were four, so we HAD to have four stories. Same premise, post apocalyptic, 500 words min. Except, for variety’s sake, we changed protagonists. Her take is here.
Jo expected the apocalypse to be a lot noisier. Flashier. Not just those purplish clouds in the distance and the feeling of electricity dancing over her skin, crackling over everything. Ash tells her how it isn’t so. The end of the world must be quiet.
“That so?” she asks. They have broken the most expensive bottles they could find, even the whisky her dad bought when she had been born, saving it for her wedding day. She takes a breath in. It’s bitter. Her dad hasn’t been around for years, his memory the only thing to haunt her every step.
They’ve moved two mattresses from the bedrooms into the main roadhouse, just in front of the bar, one next to the other. Plenty of pillows to prop themselves against.
Roadhouse barricaded as best as they could, though both know that they’re going down. The world is going down. Has gone down already.
And if they’re going down, they might as well go down in style.
“That exactly so,” Ash says.  
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>> The world is a very noisy place (hear me)
TITLE: The world is a very noisy place (hear me)
AUTHOR: [personal profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Spoiler for Season 2, because it’s set shortly after BuaBS. Mild spoilers for the ending of Ats.
GENRE: Het. Crossover with Angel the series.
CHARACTERS: Jo Harvelle/Spike, god help me. (Mentions of Ash).
SUMMARY: Hunting leaves a dryness in his mouth, a groan in his bones and a spark in his senses.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh
DISCLAIMER: I don’t mind that I don’t own Jo. I mind that I don’t own Spike and the Winchesters. Oh well. Disclaimer and all that.



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