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(I still haven't watched SPN so no talk/spoilers of that here)

Girl team of my school won their first game. I was assistant coach, sorta and i'm so happy because we were outsiders, we are such a small school, and hell, my kids were bloody awesome! And they listened!I'm so proud of my wee ones! I was so hyper when I got home yesterday! And now they say they want me in the next game too, cuz they think I brought them luck. So I suppose I was assistant coach/mascot at the same time. BWAHAHAHAHAH! I can totally say I have done this too in my life now Let's all take a minute to remember coach Dean in red shorts.

Also? OMG IT'S TERRIFYING AND EXCITING (and it's for a good cause too):

and I shall bug you until you say: OMG. ULTRAVEE, STFU, WILL YOU?

*beams at you all*

Have a lovely weekend!
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He spoke of virtue, and humanity as one, and friendship and alliance. He spoke of ethics and protecting the planet and he looked to the future honouring the past.

Long live intellectual leaders. May he achieve all that he dreams of for this world. \o/

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My summergen prezzie is out! *jensen jig*
GO. READ. NOW. I'm not saying it just because it was written for me, but because it is a story the ending of which you won't see coming. And it will catch you by surprise as it moves along. And the writing just kicks ass and is so well balanced and so... awesome. And i had no idea that anyone could pull such weighty and solid and freakinggreat writing with a prompt that seemed to be only intended for humour, but dear god, the anonymous writer (i may have a clue btw. Not sure though. Heh.) just twisted the perspective and focal points and balanced out all emotions, from humour to teary to everything....And it is just... PERFECT. Linky link:

Five Times the Winchesters Went Invisible: A Chronological Record

Yeah, i'm loving this story, can you tell? *grins so much top of head is about to fall off*

So go! Read! Take part in the peachy fizz shininess that is today! It's not xmas, but it's close! (And it totally rains outside. Could qualify as... pre-pre-pre-pre xmas. Totally. Ahem.)

Also? More xmas: Dude. I totally rock this dress. TOTALLY. (yes. I bought it. DON'T JUDGE ME. I was possessed by Cordelia Chase's ghost.) And tomorrow I'm going to the Oriental dance class. It's more of a let's-try-to-see-if-i-like-it session, still. We'll see. And one of these days I'll start writing again. *grin*



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