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New layout! Isn't the banner amazing! [livejournal.com profile] animotus made it! *huggles* Yeeeeeei! New colours, all pretty and shiny (And i'm a five year old in my happiness, humour me.)

Also, took part in the anonymous writing feedback thingy.   Man, when something piques my curiosity I can't resist. Lucky that i'm no cat, ey? (make sure you click the reply button right under each guy you want to comment to, and not the huge POST A COMMENT thingy, yeah?)

Also, yahoo is eating comments. I don't receive them today. Don't know why that is. Hm.

And oh bloody hell... is it weekend yet? Is it? Please? Pretty please?


Dec. 14th, 2008 06:16 pm
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So, you know. Kept watching the news and reading newspapers and all that shit the last week. I mean, i always do that anyway, but this reached obsessive levels this week. Anyway. Events here seem to have calmed down. Which is of the good. The day after is... going to be a loooong looong day I reckon. Anyways.

Just wanted to thank you for the hugs and the good vibes. Sorry it took so long to get back at you. Don't mean I didn't appreciate and love you for it, it's just that I can be sucky like that, when shit hits real life either I reach out or I hide in a cocoon thing of real life, and this time it was a cocoon of real life thing going down. And real life, sociopolitical events aside, was a bit of the non shiny side as well. *waves it off* Whatever. I'm running low on shiny, but I will strain the goddamn thing till i make an entry of it. So here it goes:

There were two really good things this week. One, that I kept seeing rainbows, cuz it's been rainy, and it's awesome when a rainbow just pops up like a mirage. Two, one of my school is in a rural place, and part of the school yard, which is not used as a school yard but has olive trees instead, well, some guy brought his herd of horses there, so it's 7.50 in the morning, i park the car and have kids running towards me pointing the fingers towards the field excitedly, and I go out of the car and they drag me there (they are deathcute btw. My kids) and what do i see? About 9 horses of different sizes (ages?) and colours grazing there, under the olive trees and me, with my kiddies, watching them. Go ahead, laugh at my polyanna-ism, but if there is such a thing as horses under olive trees and my kiddies, then the world can't be as shitty as it felt this week. It just can't. At all. I refuse it to be, okay?

Other good thing: I finished the Lehane novels involving Kenzie and Gennaro. I'd do Patrick in a heartbeat, yes, dragonz, but uhm. I'd also totally do Bubba. He may be a psycho, but he's a psycho kinda like Tito Pullo in the HBO Rome thing. Which is awesome btw. And I kept seeing Pullo as Bubba, to be honest, while i was reading so.. uh. Yeah. Now i'm started on Neil Geiman's American Gods. (Books help. They always help in this cocoon real life thing.)

And I have a fic in my folder, that[info]pdragon76 was awesome and betaed like, daaaaays ago, but I seem unable to rework it because my mind seems crowded, too crowded. I keep dreaming that I'm drowning or I'm eaten alive, and I guess it's just the current events crawling into my subconscious but. Whatever. I'll try this week, because it's comforting to have a fic, even when it hasn't been boxed in the right shape yet, you know? You know that the foundation and the frame is there, and all you have to do is paint the walls and add the windows and the floors. And probably some furniture as well. You know what? My architectural metaphor sucked, but you get the gist.

I'll try to catch up with you, guys, i'm pretty sure you've been up to a lot. Have a great week.



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