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I didn't get notifications on Sweet Charity, maybe because the system is loaded on the last hours, and I have been overbid. I have rectified on some. On others they just got way out of my budget. *weeps*

Man, it's not enough feeling all jittery and hyper about being a ho, it's also about being a bidder! It's like double jitters OMFG.  I'm a nervous wreck I am! I AM! :D
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Sweet charity ends today! Don't miss your chance on awesome goodies! There's something for every kinktaste! (so far? I have two out of the four I wanted. *keeps fingers crossed* FOR ONCE I'D LIKE NOT TO BE OVERBID, OKAY? :D Ahem.)

(also? Thank you, guys. *feels fuzzy*)
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Hello. This is your daily nerve wrecking reminder.

There are many brilliant talents out there, be it graphics, fic or whatever. GO. SHOO. GO! BAAAANG. BAAAAANG. WINCHESTER STYLE.

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1. I don't understand why every weekend myself decides to wake up very early. I don't get it. It's not like myself asked me about it, because I totally disagree. I really wish I had a say in that matter.

2. Took part in Earth Hour. It's alright if you're against it. Or for it. It's a personal choice, I think. I like the symbolism of it, of being tuned in with the rest of the planet. Symbols are important (we write, so we ought to know.) On occasion, symbols might even awaken people. Who knows.

3. Caught up with SPN (hiii pretties) and Dollhouse (hiiiii pretty).

4. Pumpkin cheesecake is AWESOME.

5. QUESTION, flist. What do you think about Paypal? Is it as good easy reliable etc as people say?

6. This is your daily reminder:

There are many wonderful skillz there for the claiming. With a bang, people, with a bang. Winchester style, remember?

Enjoy your Sunday!
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(I still haven't watched SPN so no talk/spoilers of that here)

Girl team of my school won their first game. I was assistant coach, sorta and i'm so happy because we were outsiders, we are such a small school, and hell, my kids were bloody awesome! And they listened!I'm so proud of my wee ones! I was so hyper when I got home yesterday! And now they say they want me in the next game too, cuz they think I brought them luck. So I suppose I was assistant coach/mascot at the same time. BWAHAHAHAHAH! I can totally say I have done this too in my life now Let's all take a minute to remember coach Dean in red shorts.

Also? OMG IT'S TERRIFYING AND EXCITING (and it's for a good cause too):

and I shall bug you until you say: OMG. ULTRAVEE, STFU, WILL YOU?

*beams at you all*

Have a lovely weekend!
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I have done it. I have. I blame a certain dragonz and a certain muse-magnet for that, but anyway, 'tis done now.

This is on sale:

Hi! I'm offering a Supernatural fic based as closely as I am able to on your prompts/specifications/characters. It will range from 1,000 words up to 10,000.
I write mostly gen but will do het as well, though I'd rather it'd be non-explicit (R is fine). (I can do underlying slash only when it concerns vampires and angels)If you like wincest/slash, RPF, complicated casefiles, wee!chesters or abusive!John stories, we're not meant to be, but all else I'm game. I also got a thing for crossovers, but if you go for that, drop me a line so I can tell you if I'm familiar with the verse you seek or if it is doable.
I'd also like to be able to post this fic in my lj and various communities.

Is it ok to start panicking now? *headdesk*

I can totally panic.

You? You can't. You canabsolutelynot panic. You can, however, go to the site and sign up, too. It's for a good cause, and it's the last one. Let's go out with a bang, people, not a whimper. Let's go down Winchester style.
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I didn't manage to keep a bid on sweetcharity yesterday. It was too late in the night (local time here) and I couldn't stay awake after my workweek, so I was outbidded while i was sleeping. Man, time did so not work in my favour. (Well. At least now I got plenty of hook-up lines for Dean. Like:

"So, Dean, time didn't work out for you either, huh?"

*blank stare*

"Any chance to call up your buddy, Castiel as well, so we can talk about time and all that?"

*prepares rocksalt shots*

"I'm really pretty and you haven't gotten any since you got back from Hell?"


What? I can dream, right? i mean, Dean/ultravee/Castiel combo... what? DON'T JUDGE ME.)

AND. I'm the luckiest minion ho-tart ever!  \o/ I am! I am! *smishes master pimp bidder* I'll be the bendiest, most flexible one JUST.FOR.YOU. Thank you. Seriously.

A big hug and thank you to other people who bid on me as well. And a big apology that I'm the most useless bidder ever and didn't win some of you. *sigh* NEXT TIME. Time. I will kick time's butt.


Have a beautiful Sunday!

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.... owning a TARDIS and the Doctor or... other means*coughcoughhinthint*, because there is no other way to explain how i keep thinking that today is Sunday, and how I was certain that the Charity ended yesterday . *facepalm* I'm... chronically challenged. Impaired. Gifted. Something.


(Deep down you like it. I know you do. I know you're not thinking "OMG IT'S HER. AGAIN. WE WANT TO KICK HER." *beams at you*)

Love you all very much.


Dear flist

Oct. 3rd, 2008 04:29 pm
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forgive me, but I will be avoiding you like a pest john winchester in a really bad mood something to be avoided because i haven't watched 4.03 yet. When i do (tomorrow? Not sure.) i'm sure i'll be flailing with you OMG YEI!

In the mean time, my last chance to go \o/ at my ho-ness. At least for this period of time.

ps Goddamn. I keep getting outbidded on the people i'm bidding on. FUDGE. On the other hand, means people are being shiny and generous. \o/ *smishes you all*
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I've had a day which isn't of the shiny. It's not the no-visibility-when-driving rain, and it's not the PMS. I found out some family stuff about some students I can't get into right now, because it just makes me so mad. So. freaking. MAD. And I don't get why kids have to be condemned and will be stigmatized for shit their idiotic parents pulled. *deep breath. exhale. deep breath. exhale* I can calm down. I totally can. I can. I can. YES.


Some shiny and of the good then:

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The banners? Please me. A LOT. (And how many chances a year do I get to glee at the world that I'm a ho/tart, huh? \o/ Very liberating, t'is. Totally. *gigglegigglegiggle* *smish*)

ps I love my kids. And i love my nephews. I got to craddle and play and cuddle my five months old nephew and he's soooooo.much.love. If i'm loving other people's kids (pupils, nephews etc) that much, what am I going to do once I get some of my own? Melt? Combust? Light up the world in shine? What? *marvels*

ps of ps: CASTIEL.
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YES. THAT IS ME. And on top of it, I'm cheap too. Able and willing and flexible. JUST FOR YOU. Yup. That's me. I'm a cheap ho (my momma would be so proud of me. BWAHAHAHAHA.)

And lovely people actually did bid on me. *smishes*

Seriously, there are a gazillion talented people over there. Shoo. Go. Find someone you like and bid on him/her. It's worth your while and money too. It's for a good cause. We're doing what the Winchesters do. Except we don't use guns. And don't have cool cars. And we don't use salt and stuff. And don't go up against demons. And... Uhm. But we totally radiate hotness as well. And we research. Yes. *emphatic nod* Not to mention it's all terribly exciting! *jensen jig*

Also? CASTIEL. (What? You actually thought there'd be an entry without me mentioning him? :D)
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It won't be a list really. It will be a good and bad thing. Uhm. There will be lots of buts inserted. (I agree that butts would be more interesting but the only variety right now is the one-T kind. Ahem.)

I got this whole Castiel thing going on. Haven't felt this... focused since John. If that makes any sense. And I'm writing this fic about Castiel. BUT. I don't have a clear head and can't write it tonight. And also, second BUT, I'm staying clear of any Castiel related fics (and generally staying away from fics. I need writing focus) so as not to be influenced, which means I have to postpone reading [livejournal.com profile] smilla02 and [livejournal.com profile] dotfic , and i'm SO. ITCHING.TOREAD.THEM. ARGH.

SWEET CHARITY THING! \o/ It's all so very exciting!!! BUT. I'm pretty sure I won't win anyone. Ah well. And I wish there were those graphics you put in your journal to say you're a ho tart whatever. (Just a small moment of weakness, that's all.)

My car, my car. New problems. I don't know what the hell is up now. It's only 3 years old and has done 70.000 km. Driving is mostly in not straight roads, rather lots of ribbonlike up and down winding, but maaaaan. Duuuude. *whine* I'm taking it to the carmechanic guys tomorrow. BUT. I get to see them. They always cheer me up (except when i have to pay. Dude. Duuuude. *more whine*)

Dude. Dude. I got both my ringfingers bandaged. One for unidentified bleeding and the other by a papercut the size of Kansas. So ok, it's just a papercut, but now i'm touchtyping really, really slowly, or else you'd be reading somethiowng liawket thiss. *sigh*

And work's been really, really tiring. BUT. Most of my kids are FTW. YES.

That's pretty much it. *looks at ceiling hoping Castiel will fall down somewhere*


Sep. 28th, 2008 01:48 pm
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I signed up for sweetcharity thingy.  Castiel help us all. *facepalm*

Hope you had a nice weekend, lovelies.

ps white cake with coconut glazing turned out yummy. *nod*


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