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I haz got a question and a favour to ask.. Is anyone familiar with Gaiman's The Graveyard book? And is anyone willing to beta? I got a small 1000 gen fic, xover spn/the graveyard book and i wonder if anyone could take a look? I would love you forever. Even post-apocalyptically.

*stretches* It's been so long since i've actually sat down to complete a story and i feel sooo out of shape. But i think i'm...warming up again. *cradles muse and doesn't want to let go*

(on the other hand, writing when sick is not smart. Makes the headache worse. Ah well.)

*weep* \o/

Oct. 6th, 2008 10:35 pm
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OMFG. I finished the Castiel piece. \o/ HURRAH! All hail the...uh...almightily hot Castiel? Or something? *rubs eyes*

It's a 920 word piece more or less, stretching from 4.02 to 4.03 and it's Castiel centric and THANKFUCKINGCASTIEL*i wish* IT'S DONE.

Anyone up for beta? Grammar syntax weird nonenglishspeaker mistakes beta? So that I can submit it prior to the new SPN episode? I would love you forever. (Or, you know, like you very very much. :D )

Man, i can't see straight, i should SO hit the bed, right now. *yawn* 


Aug. 10th, 2008 09:35 pm
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I've got a dr. horrible/spn xover ready. It's about 2,000 words long, gen, spoilers for everything on both shows. Anyone familiar with both verses who could tackle it so i can submit before tuesday? (real life deadline, not community deadline. :) )

And omfg. It feels so good to have written after so long.
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Uh... remember how I promised

[personal profile] buffyaddict13  and [personal profile] tiffosis(and another shiny person that shall be unnamed yet cuz it includes her birthday prompt too OMG YEI i'm going for surprise here, though i'm lousy at it) i'd write a xover that includes SPN/Dr Who/Criminal Minds including frizz shampoo screwdrivers and god help me i have no idea what else? Or...uhm... maybe you don't remember it cuz maybe i haven't mentioned it, BUT. The point is.

Uhm. God help me, I have written it.

Beta help pretty pretty pretty please? It's only four and a half pages long (ca 1900 words) and the thing is, grammar and syntax aside, it'd be awesome if you knew who Spencer Reid and Dr Who are, cuz the thing is, I don't know them that well and i'm kinda... uhm. Insecure about them. And... anything really.

HEEEEELP! *weeps*


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Hey, shiny flist, I need a quick beta (grammar/syntax type of thingy) on a small gen piece. It's just after episode 3.12, so it contains major spoilers for 3.12 and anything before it (but no spoilers for anything unaired. I'm spoilerfree.)

Please? Pretty please? Pretty pretty please?

Anyone? I would love you forever. (Or for a very long time. In a totally non stalker way. In case you were worried. :)  )

ETA: Yei. I've got the best flist in the world.
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So I've been skimming through my extremely intelligent flist and yeah, they are right:

Irrelevant. Anyone care to beta a four page piece? It's gen, deals with the boys, spoiler for 3.10.
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I've got a small fic (800 words) that would probably be eternally grateful if it was betaed by a native speaker. It's a pg13 xover, that requires only knowledge of the spn verse. (And uhm. English too. Heh.)

Would anyone like to beta it?

Pretty pretty please, oh shiny flist?

Speaking of shiny flist, please to be sending hugs and good vibes to [personal profile] buffyaddict13and [personal profile] hiyacynth. And basically the whole flist/ fandom whatever. Just because. December hasn't started well, has it? *sigh* 

ETA: i've got the shiniest flist in the world, I swear. Thanks, [personal profile] ileliberte.


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