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Dec. 6th, 2008 05:13 pm
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Real life has been VERY real. In a good, nice way.

Recs part 2, then.

Five times the Winchesters went invisible: A Chronological Record by [ profile] slob_child . Features humor and angsty goodness and it's awesome. Oh. And it was written for me. \o/ In the summer gen thingy. Lucky me, cuz my prompt? Was done AWESOMELY. Dude.

Tiger Boy  by [ profile] pdragon76 . See, this is the thing. You'll see some people recced here more than once. And it doesn't happen because they happen to be my lj buddies or whatever, it's just that I love pretty much everything they write. This is one such instance.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by [ profile] irnan . This is not about the Winchesters, though it can be about their impact. This is... a secondary canon character fleshed out so beautifully it made me realize that this? This is what fanfic is about. Heh.

They were God's lie -by [ profile] tigriswolf . Nice, nice punch. You gotta love stories that make you go all Huh? OMG FLAIL AND WTF at the same time.

None so blind by [ profile] vanillafluffy . Fleshed out Pamela and some Castiel too. An awesome look at both of them. Gen, btw.

And don't let my cry be heard by [ profile] smilla02 . This? Falls in the category mentioned above, about people whose stuff I always love every single time. YES. THAT.

Painted Dreams of Red and Yellow by [ profile] maychorian .  It's our boys and there's hurt and there's... everything i like to read.

The New Jerusalem by [ profile] july_july_july . Man, if i could prop up a neon sign saying READ THIS, i totally would. It's the most awesome Castiel you can imagine, and the most amazing narrative voice. It makes you chuckle and thinky and perhaps there are exploding panties because her Castiel? Is badass. But so, so true to canon. This has got to be one of my fav castiel flavours ever.

my love is one made to break every bended knee by [ profile] lyra_wing . The best Dean's-time-in-Hell fic I've ever read. The concept behind it is.... amazing.

Never Travelled by [ profile] dotfic . So technically? i'm not into slash. BUT. Thing is. I like any Castiel combo, and this Castiel/Dean one is simply perfect.

Here's to hoping I did the coding thing right. *tips fingers on side of head*

Also, thank you to whoever nominated me at the Salt and Burn awards. I had a surreal moment of HUH? when i read the email, and then this fuzzy glee really, i''m a five year old, feeling. It's always nice to know that your words resonate to someone out there. It's like a different sort of connecting echo and... yeah. Thank you.
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layout change. I still need to mess with the colours and find a colour scheme that fits just the way i want it to, but i'm looking for minimal. *yawn* And right now i'm rather too tired to keep on with fixing it. Tomorrow. Or this week. *more yawn* This will do for now, methinks. 

Also, recs part 1. Some you may be familiar with already, still, they are all exceptional one way or the other.

Women have lovely bones by [ profile] tigriswolf Lucifer/Lilith. Enough said. Though, not really enough. Point is, that was a pairing and a realization it would never have occured to me. Pleased me immensely.

her who loves you best by [ profile] july_july_july Gorgeous preseries story about John and Mary. Or rather, about Mary and John. Amazing Mary POV.

Angel Maintenance by [ profile] musesfool  Sweetest and quirkiest little piece you can imagine. Sam and Dean.

The Rounds by [ profile] iamstealthyone  It's just a drabble. But it packs hell of a punch.

In Totus Tamen Nomen by [ profile] teand It's AU now, but it's one of the most imaginative ways I've seen out of season 3 into season 4. Bobby's voice is spot on.

Animals in cellophane by [ profile] smilla02 Dean and Sam after hell. AU now but freaking brilliant. The language is visceral and makes you wait with baited breath for the next sentence.

Occupational Hazards by [ profile] rionaleonhart When reality and fic collide, what you get is amazing fic. Yes. Read. Laugh.

The Prettiest Star by [ profile] ignited I don't read wincest. At all. This one is wincesty but it's such a brilliant take/crossover on Stardust that I couldn't resist it.

Training Winchester by [ profile] kellifer_fic . Preseries, the three Winchesters in training, and it's brilliant.

She Pick Her Way Down That Path by pdragon76. Keep on reading. You'll get what's happening as you read along, and then you'll be left gazing at it openmouthed.

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My summergen prezzie is out! *jensen jig*
GO. READ. NOW. I'm not saying it just because it was written for me, but because it is a story the ending of which you won't see coming. And it will catch you by surprise as it moves along. And the writing just kicks ass and is so well balanced and so... awesome. And i had no idea that anyone could pull such weighty and solid and freakinggreat writing with a prompt that seemed to be only intended for humour, but dear god, the anonymous writer (i may have a clue btw. Not sure though. Heh.) just twisted the perspective and focal points and balanced out all emotions, from humour to teary to everything....And it is just... PERFECT. Linky link:

Five Times the Winchesters Went Invisible: A Chronological Record

Yeah, i'm loving this story, can you tell? *grins so much top of head is about to fall off*

So go! Read! Take part in the peachy fizz shininess that is today! It's not xmas, but it's close! (And it totally rains outside. Could qualify as... pre-pre-pre-pre xmas. Totally. Ahem.)

Also? More xmas: Dude. I totally rock this dress. TOTALLY. (yes. I bought it. DON'T JUDGE ME. I was possessed by Cordelia Chase's ghost.) And tomorrow I'm going to the Oriental dance class. It's more of a let's-try-to-see-if-i-like-it session, still. We'll see. And one of these days I'll start writing again. *grin*


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Happy new month and all that.

I come bearing gifts. Etc. )
See? Not f-locked this time. Go me.

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Happy new month. And stuff. I've been reading Sandman and OMFG. OMFG. I'm officially inlove with it. There. I said it. Right.


Wanted to do a small rec list entry. It's by no means exhaustive, because I usually forget to keep tags on the things I really like (I'm a chaos girl at heart. I am resigned to that. John Winchester would so kick my ass and amen to that. ) but, you know. Even though I'm pretty sure I've left out stuff that I wanted here, ah well. Bear with me? 

All pieces fall in the gen and het category, from angst to fun to mind-breaking. In random order (chaos kid, remember?) some of the fics that I really, really loved. Great wordweaving and great character insight. 

There. Now, if you like the stories, go and tell the writers (go as in "It'd be great if you did", not as in "GO! *whip*). And dig through their journals some more. Hell, some of these writers I wanted to rec every single word they've ever written (like smilla02 and hiyacynth and... and... and... ) It's a safe bet that you'll find more fic to your taste there. Here (ie this entry). Everywhere. Pretty much. Our fandom is awesome. *glee*

Have a great week! (and let me know if I screwed up the links.)


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