Sep. 28th, 2008 01:48 pm
ultraviolet9a: (capslock bitch)

I signed up for sweetcharity thingy.  Castiel help us all. *facepalm*

Hope you had a nice weekend, lovelies.

ps white cake with coconut glazing turned out yummy. *nod*

Dear Sammy,

May. 3rd, 2008 10:39 am
ultraviolet9a: (angry sam)
I know you hate being called that since I'm not Dean, but I'm pretty enough to get away with it. Probably.

So anyway, it was your birthday yesterday and I completely forgot about it; I was pretty much hyper all day long, because I knew I would come crashing down today. Cuz my brother left, see, and I'll see him in two months again and I'm all emo now. :( And I know you are rolling your eyes right now because clearly i'm infringing on your emo copyright because your brother issues are definitely more serious, but. You know.

So anyway, I wanted to wish you good stuff, like getting laid once in a while (though that would be for my visual benefit mostly) or, you know, walking around naked (ahem), but I know that is no birthday wish (unless we're talking about my birthday).

So I just wish you that Kripke doesn't whump you too much. And doesn't whump Dean either. I know you love him, you see. And you can't live without him and it would totally suck if Kripke gives us a heartattack with a cliffhanger on Dean's deal HEAR THAT, KRIPKE? but either way... well. There's fanfic, right? What displeases us can always be changed or worked around in fic and if you walked around naked some more I bet fangirls would totally facilitate that.

So. Happy birthday, Sam Winchester. May lots of Unicornia sparkles fall upon you and Dean.

Much, much love,

ps I'm going to make another pie now. A savoury one, probably.  A quiche, maybe. Everybody knows that talking to fictional characters a Winchester in combination with food is an instant shiny explosion. So there. 
And Sam? If you happen to be around the neighbourhood, do drop by, and bring Dean, too. You're totally entitled to a piece of me the quiche.


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