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Lookit, lookit, new layout! I wanted something that wasn't black and was completely white or grey, but, as usually, i start off somewhere and end up somewhere differently. So i stuck to the same colour palette. Uhm.

And i printed calenders off, marking my work days for the year to come, and i found a small portable whiteboard and i use this to write my to-do lists. I figure, better than having the place heaped up with crumbled papers, right? *taps fingers on desk* Thing is, i always start off so organized and then somewhere along the way chaos starts taking over. Heh.

Other than that, just got back from a wedding. Couldn't wear my new dress/shoes cuz it was too freaking hot, but thank god for other pretty dresses. Was nice and all that. With the exception of a bitch that burned me on my foot with her cigarette. What a lowlife bitch. (she was. A low life bitch. You'd known if you'd see her. And right now my foot is itchy so i'm entitled to swearing, okay?)

Question: What's up with the ljcut? Was trying to update my sticky post with fics and it ate up half of my links. Now i have to do it all.over.again. *kicks ljcut*

What else, lemme see... nothing i can currently think of. Oh wait. I've been meaning to get you hooked to this. It's a fun little thing, and it's not as difficult as it seems.

That's pretty much it. *stretches*

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(well, technically here it isn't morning, it's 11.20, but i woke up at 8.30 after having fallen asleep at 2 in the morning so i fell asleep again. And now i woke up cuz i had to find some addresses and numbers for my bro *smishes him*) 

(And technically it's not a good morning cuz the weather only got worse and instead of sunshine there is rain! Not that i mind it, but it's a bit cold. And i couldn't wear my really short dress yesterday *weeps*)  

Oh dragonz, no proxy, i tell you. NO PROXY. CRAP. Nothing remotely interesting around! Nothing! But hey, i laughed my ass off and had fun so that counts for something, right? right, dragonz? (ps the little chant you told me to singsong in my head before going out? Works wonders for my mood. *nods*)

And now i should be doing stuff. Like, finish up plot donkeys and clear out useless files cuz goddamn, you know how Sam was after that thing the Trickster pulled on him? How organized and neat he was? My pc? Is on the exact opposite side of this spectrum. How do i always manage that is beyond me. It's starts all neat and organized and suddenly KABOOM. Jungle growth. And the worst part is that the jungle growth is actually fully functional. *headdesk* I'm an agent of chaos. Oh, Ethan Rayne, thou art my sire. Probably. Or something.

Grrrr. Maybe i should check out decluttering sites. See what sort of advice/suggestions they have. *sigh*


ps Why didn't i know about this? Why? How could i NOT have known about it?? How? *shimmies along*

ETA: i've organized the writing folders in my pc. Spent the whole afternoon on it. And i still have the picture folder ahead *groan* Oh lord.  I DREAD THIS FOLDER. IT'S AN EVIL FOLDER. *sobs*


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