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Hi, people. This had been a totally different intro post and then lj upgrades happened. Anyhow.

Things you need to might want to know:

I tend to friend back, but if your journal is in a language I don’t understand, I probably won’t. (That makes sense, doesn’t it? In my head it does.) If for some reason you want to defriend me, that’s okay. Was nice knowing you. *waves* I won’t take it personally.

Shows I’m currently flailing over include Supernatural, Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse and Being Human. I’m no longer watching Heroes and Bones, but I am looking forward to the next season of True Blood. I used to reside in the general Whedonverse and way back in La Femme Nikita (Michael still haunts me) and Highlander (have been unable to get over swords ever since.) All the fic submitted in this lj is about SPN. In many forms and A LOT of crossovers. I generally don’t do slash (but when I write it, I write it. I definitely don’t do wincest. I’ve done some het, but gen is more my style. And crossovers my guilty pleasure. Both in reading and writing I tend to be intrigued more by plot and characterization rather than sex. Just my cup of tea, is all.

(listed mostly in chronological order and sometimes in thematic units)


The Winchester plot -Sam and Dean had just kicked evil ass when…or wait…is it Dean and Sam had just kicked evil ass when…no hang on…go and read. You’ll get it then. (crack, gen, )

There is a crack in everything (that’s how the light gets in) -John thing. Gen mostly.

As I was going up the stair -Can’t tell you. Would spoil everything. Gen. Set after IMTOD.

The extra mile - Recap from the Metallicar POV up to the season 1 end.

Compass - Compasses and promises between John Winchester and Dean.

They’re not the only ones that lie - Moves through season 1 and 2. Gen.

Elemental - Sam started having visions earlier. Except he didn’t know.

Nothing, like Something, happens Anywhere. -John. Basically and foremost. Mild crossover towards the end.

The Opposite of Talking -First hunt after Sam left them. Basically the whole deal after Sam left them.

listen, beloved -My take on what the Demon has to do with Sam and the rest of the family. Mary-centric. Got jossed now, but I am fond of this, because it’s like a dark, dark fairytale.


-And I’ll meet you further on up the road Two roads. The world. A gun.


-And I’ll meet you further on up the road: the flipped side of the coin The world. A gun. A brother. A choice.

Sam and Dean watch more than porn -Sam and Dean are watching Angel re-run episodes and commenting. Among others.

Clay -“There are two secrets John hands down.” And lots of clay. Obviously. It’s jossed now, but I think it’s a pretty cool idea set after IMTOD.

Drabble fic icon thingy -Drabble based on a user icon.

My days are consumed like smoke -Smoke and blood and cigarettes and a thing killing women. Pre-series, when Dean’s 14, explains his red tears in Bloody Mary. I liked the writing in this one. Have been unable to produce this sort of narrative voice since.

Hector -John Winchester thing. “You never asked for a war.”

Finders Keepers (the shield and the sword) -“Sammysam,” she says, “it won’t end.” “What won’t?” he replies, though he’s not sure he wants to hear the answer. “Soldiers falling.” Firefly/SPN. Was supposed to be part of a larger saga I never got round to writing because events in canon ran along. So this is a stand-alone piece.

The hitchhikers (and the De Soir Code) Part 1 and Part 2 -Longest thing I’ve ever written. Crack, but crack that contains everything I believe about fanfic. My fav kind of crack then. Meta-crack. (oooooh.)

The weight of dark -It goes throughout season 2 really, but I can’t tell you more cuz it will be spoilt. The effect and all that.

Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes. -Set after IMTOD. John’s in Heaven and some sorta crack ensues. Sorta.

The world is a very noise place (hear me) -Jo Harvelle/Spike, god help me. (Mentions of Ash).

Eurydice is waiting -Mary Winchester and John Winchester and the YED. “There are no asphodels here.”

Innocence (the Immortals) -Dean and Sam and two legendary Greek mythology Gods. Part of [livejournal.com profile] theladyscribe’s Greekverse. She let me play.

The Apocalypse trilogy (wherein three fics connect with different persons around one single event):

This is the way the world ends (Trigger) -Post-apocalyptic. What’s more to say? (Sam, Dean, YED)

The fourth day (since the world ended) -Jo and Ash at the Roadhouse when the previous fic has already happened. Post-apocalyptic.

The Conman (and the end of the world) -Post-apocalyptic Bobby. Just because.

Mary Sue meme -Just a little silliness where you write a paragraph with yourself as a Mary Sue in the SPN verse.

Love comes from fingertips -Sam/Jess

The Sara trilogy (put in narrative rather than chronological order):

Senses -Skinwalker hunt. Blindfolds. Tying up. Force of wills. Hunting tutorials. John. All around the senses. That sort of thing. The order goes as Scent, Touch, Sight, Sound, Taste, and no, the themes will probably not be connected to the senses you expected. (written in 2007)

Snow’s just frozen water -Christmas/New Year’s time. Ghosts. Bones. Snow. Darkness. That sort of thing. A take on the hunter’s life. (John thing.) (written in 2006)

Close your eyes and think of summer -John in a graveyard. Past and present entwine. The rest would be spoiling the effect. (written in 2007)

Shoe-verse trilogy:

Encounter -A spaceship parks right next to the Impala. (What? It could happen.)

Cuffs (or how Sam taught Dean that payback’s a bitch) -Revenge is a dish best served by the law.

Coven -They got to buy new shoes. Then Dean gets kidnapped. Kidnapping ain’t so bad. Till Sam shows up. Verges on the cracktastic side of life, but, come on. Who wouldn’t want Dean Winchester wrapped up with pink ribbon as a birthday gift, huh?

Cars and Guitars -It’s about Dean and Cassie and Dean and the Impala. And a guitar features somewhere too.

Reflection -uh… In which the Winchesters try catoptromancy (mirror gazing, scrying) and bring a whole new meaning to the Snow-white fairytale. Among others. If Disney could see them now… *facepalm* Also? It somehow evolved in an ending I didn’t expect. And didn’t plan. Not really. Huh. But I guess the Impala is a Winchester after all.

A ribbon at a time -It picks up where season 2 left off. It’s an AU now, but a good one I think, with the boys and Bobby and Ellen and Jo and…

lollipop -Jo/Ash, challenge drabble

faith -A rather creative way of getting Dean out of the deal. It’s AU now, but man, I so loved writing it back then.

Three drabbles: Neighbour, If only you could see me now, Good girls go to heaven -Three drabbles based on a challenge.

Long as I can see some light (I’ll be coming home) -It isn’t always a supernatural freak they come up against. Sometimes all it takes is a fire.

Understand -This is a story about Sam. And about Dean. And about brothers. It’s set after the season 2 finale.

This is a story where -This? This is my masterpiece. IF YOU WANT TO READ JUST ONE STORY BY ME, THIS IS IT.

Nile -Set after season 2 and is about Dean’s deal. Also? *deep breath* Involves Sam Winchester kissing Dean Winchester and yet this is not wincest but gen. Also? Ancient Egypt. And yet this is not AU.

The Engineer and the Moonbeam Bright -Didn’t you ever wonder what Ash’s story is? And what REALLY happened at the season 2 finale? Huh?

A man’s not dead (while his name’s still spoken) -John Winchester left a print in this world.

to mouth unto my veins -Sam’s fucked up. That simple. And things are kind of… different.

Core -“You don’t run against a bloody stop watch, do you hear?” Dean-centric.

Debt -There’s a reason resurrection doesn’t happen naturally.

Deceiver (not the silence for you, my boy) -“You wanna know how the deal will go down? This is how the deal will go down. My way. Ma’am.” Bobby Singer in all his glory.

Bandage -Stanford days with a case that intermingles with the present. Essentially it’s about Sam and how he functions, in life, hunter mode and with people.

The Winchester Plot (Here we go again) The Winchesters are dealing with the mess the CRD has created. Directly linked to The Winchester plot Crack, really. Meta-crack.

unadorned -Just a bit of Sam kink. Sam is sleeping naked.

For no man (the Scheherazade tale) -Time and tide wait for no man. But one. Just yet another way that Sam could have gotten Dean out of the deal.

the price -Didn’t you ever wonder how the gate was made? And the Colt? The whole background of it?

New -SPN/CSI:Miami. Jo Harvelle/Eric Delko. Miami is supposed to be shinier.

the things of light -Yet another favourite. SPN/Angel. Sam and Angel, Angel and Sam and the scars both carry.

the wind and the west moon -Ah, love. SPN/Angel or BtVS. Spike and Bobby, Sam and Dean. Set after the xmassy SPN episode of 2007.


and let the dark come upon you -Dean-centric. Dean is waiting.

Scorch -It all starts with a fever.

Baptism -Battlestar Galactica/SPN xover. OfficerCandidateAcademy… thingy, that actually does have a plot. I think. Or how I toss SPN characters into the bsg verse just because. So there.

Now amongst the alien gods -It’s about Sam, and it’s all about Dean, and it’s about that lovely curved knife Sam cradled in those first promo pics, remember?

not yet -Victor. And Nancy. And our boys. After 3.12. Consider this a coda to a gutting kickass episode.

when you are done -Dean thing, with Sam. First time it happens, he’s driving. Set in season 3 right between 3.10 and 3.11.

Ink -Tattoo fic. Who am I to resist?

Journeys -Dr Who/SPN/Criminal Minds. Conditioners. Frizz. Screwdrivers. Journeys. It’s not crack, though.

just like -Remember the Ghosthunters? I found Maggie intriguing. Several months after 3.12. Sort of a case. Including Winchesters.

Good Intentions Weird piece of fic, with spoilers up to 3.14, dealing with all three Winchesters.

The Super Seekrit Meeting -Batman/Dr Who/Spn/Criminal Minds. For tk, the awesome son of [livejournal.com profile] buffyaddict13, zombieprincess extraordinaire.

strawberry fields -SPN/Firefly, Dean/Kaylee. Seven months in Serenity Valley.

Salvage -Battlestar Galactica/SPN. Starts when 3.16 of BSG ends. Laura Roslin and BSG ensemble, Sam Winchester and other cameos.

Spur -Missing scenes between Bobby and Dean in season 2. Written as part of the summergen exchange.

A hundred hearts -SPN/Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog. “How far would you go?”

Cadaver -Set after 3.16. All else would spoil the plot I’m trying to pull. It’s about Winchesters… and others.

And what there is to conquer -John Winchester/Castiel. So far not jossed. I’m really happy with this. I think I might be the first one to have written this pairing.

In this theatre -What do you think angels do in their free time? Castiel-centric. Also? Am absolutely delighted that I wrote another angel named Uriel as a black man, hoping I wouldn’t get jossed and then I got kripked. Man, that totally made my day. Week. Maybe even month. First time I got kripked this way, see.

Kaleidoscope -Set from pre-series into season 4, including old and new characters. Yes. Castiel, too. Kaleidoscopes and the Winchester life.

What was silent -sweetcharity fic. Like father, like son. Moves from pre-series all the way into season 4, including angels, Winchesters, Bobby and Daniel Elkins.

He pulls the tension wires down Castiel, Dean, Sam, Uriel. “There’s no such thing as ‘just thing’”.


They are not all saints Crossover with Gaiman’s the Graveyard Book. Sam, Dean, Silas.

All God’s children need travelling shoes Het-ish, sorta. Castiel and Anna.

Fry Just a small piece involving Dean and Castiel. Could be considered a spin-off to the fic right above. *points at All God’s children need travelling shoes*

Holy fuck. I’ve written quite a lot, haven’t I?
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