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I have:

-the most generous flist in the world. Trufax (to quote van zombie princess).

-ficced today. I finished a plot donkey that I had started months ago (it started off because of some lyrics, so to speak. Well, not exactly lyrics. But sorta. Verses. You'll see. ) I have this "fist in the air like Dean" moment, because usually when i leave a donkey standing, it goes stale, but this one got back to life so i'm like HAH! TAKE THAT YOU EVIL PLOT DONKEY YOU.

-watched Fracture (oh ye gods, Ryan Gosling? Me wants), American Gangster and Juno. And the three first episodes of Bones Season 2. Goddamn, Boreanaz is just soooo.... sooooooooooooooooooooooo asogasoghanps. Yes. YES. 

- finished his Darker Materials, The Wee Free Men, Wintersmith (oh my god, I love Pratchett, i just love him so much) and I capture the castle. Now i'm reading Catcher in the Rye. Honest to god, I do love good writing, but thing is, nobody makes me feel like Pratchett. He feels like home and he feels safe, like childhood, and wise, like old age. He's... he's the reason the written word was invented.

- a cold town. It snowed yesterday. Then it melted away.  It's freezing cold outside and windy. I feel sore. I swear, even the roots of my hair ache should my hair move around. Like I've been sparring with a Winchester minus the fun sex part (What? Dude. Seriously. Why would anyone spar with a Winchester unless sex is to follow? Really.) 

- no wish to go to work tomorrow. But i bought an awesome short cargo/safari dress to be worn over leggins. *glee* Yes. I'm shallow that way.

-the (some could argue mistaken) belief that if I delay going to bed, Monday won't come. It's a totally valid and scientifically sound theory. *nod*

-read somewhere that in March/April there will be four more SPN eps? Is it true? Is it? *hoppity hop*

-the desire to change the header of this journal. Should it be Spike? Sam? Dean? John? Sam and Dean? Sam and Dean and John? I have no idea. So many pretty men, so many options...

That's all I have. Your turn now: 

You have

-a great week, shinies. And lots of Winchestery thoughts. 


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