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2013-01-01 06:07 pm
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Me. Fanfic. Intro.

Hi, people. This had been a totally different intro post and then lj upgrades happened. Anyhow.

Things you need to might want to know:

I tend to friend back, but if your journal is in a language I don’t understand, I probably won’t. (That makes sense, doesn’t it? In my head it does.) If for some reason you want to defriend me, that’s okay. Was nice knowing you. *waves* I won’t take it personally.

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2009-05-21 09:04 pm
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New layout! Isn't the banner amazing! [livejournal.com profile] animotus made it! *huggles* Yeeeeeei! New colours, all pretty and shiny (And i'm a five year old in my happiness, humour me.)

Also, took part in the anonymous writing feedback thingy.   Man, when something piques my curiosity I can't resist. Lucky that i'm no cat, ey? (make sure you click the reply button right under each guy you want to comment to, and not the huge POST A COMMENT thingy, yeah?)

Also, yahoo is eating comments. I don't receive them today. Don't know why that is. Hm.

And oh bloody hell... is it weekend yet? Is it? Please? Pretty please?

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2009-05-17 11:28 am
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just a quick note

to let you know that i'm also here: http://ultraviolet9a.dreamwidth.org/

I'll probably be using it as a backup, methinks. *frown*

Anyway, have a beautiful sunday!!
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2009-05-17 11:20 am

Wheeee! First entry and all that stuff.

This account needs work, I know. But consider this a testing, testing thing. So. Uh.

Have fun.
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2009-03-31 09:24 pm
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Guys, be warned!

I didn't get notifications on Sweet Charity, maybe because the system is loaded on the last hours, and I have been overbid. I have rectified on some. On others they just got way out of my budget. *weeps*

Man, it's not enough feeling all jittery and hyper about being a ho, it's also about being a bidder! It's like double jitters OMFG.  I'm a nervous wreck I am! I AM! :D
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2009-03-31 01:48 pm
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Beeeeeeeep! Last call!

Sweet charity ends today! Don't miss your chance on awesome goodies! There's something for every kinktaste! (so far? I have two out of the four I wanted. *keeps fingers crossed* FOR ONCE I'D LIKE NOT TO BE OVERBID, OKAY? :D Ahem.)

(also? Thank you, guys. *feels fuzzy*)
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2009-03-30 04:25 pm
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Bingeley Bingeley Bong Bong Ringely Ringely Ring! (that is totally an alarm sound)

Hello. This is your daily nerve wrecking reminder.

There are many brilliant talents out there, be it graphics, fic or whatever. GO. SHOO. GO! BAAAANG. BAAAAANG. WINCHESTER STYLE.

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2009-03-29 11:28 am
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Stuff and a question

1. I don't understand why every weekend myself decides to wake up very early. I don't get it. It's not like myself asked me about it, because I totally disagree. I really wish I had a say in that matter.

2. Took part in Earth Hour. It's alright if you're against it. Or for it. It's a personal choice, I think. I like the symbolism of it, of being tuned in with the rest of the planet. Symbols are important (we write, so we ought to know.) On occasion, symbols might even awaken people. Who knows.

3. Caught up with SPN (hiii pretties) and Dollhouse (hiiiii pretty).

4. Pumpkin cheesecake is AWESOME.

5. QUESTION, flist. What do you think about Paypal? Is it as good easy reliable etc as people say?

6. This is your daily reminder:

There are many wonderful skillz there for the claiming. With a bang, people, with a bang. Winchester style, remember?

Enjoy your Sunday!
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2009-03-28 01:38 pm
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You, guys!!!

(I still haven't watched SPN so no talk/spoilers of that here)

Girl team of my school won their first game. I was assistant coach, sorta and i'm so happy because we were outsiders, we are such a small school, and hell, my kids were bloody awesome! And they listened!I'm so proud of my wee ones! I was so hyper when I got home yesterday! And now they say they want me in the next game too, cuz they think I brought them luck. So I suppose I was assistant coach/mascot at the same time. BWAHAHAHAHAH! I can totally say I have done this too in my life now Let's all take a minute to remember coach Dean in red shorts.

Also? OMG IT'S TERRIFYING AND EXCITING (and it's for a good cause too):

and I shall bug you until you say: OMG. ULTRAVEE, STFU, WILL YOU?

*beams at you all*

Have a lovely weekend!
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2009-03-26 10:18 pm
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HOMG *clamps mouth shut*

I have done it. I have. I blame a certain dragonz and a certain muse-magnet for that, but anyway, 'tis done now.

This is on sale:

Hi! I'm offering a Supernatural fic based as closely as I am able to on your prompts/specifications/characters. It will range from 1,000 words up to 10,000.
I write mostly gen but will do het as well, though I'd rather it'd be non-explicit (R is fine). (I can do underlying slash only when it concerns vampires and angels)If you like wincest/slash, RPF, complicated casefiles, wee!chesters or abusive!John stories, we're not meant to be, but all else I'm game. I also got a thing for crossovers, but if you go for that, drop me a line so I can tell you if I'm familiar with the verse you seek or if it is doable.
I'd also like to be able to post this fic in my lj and various communities.

Is it ok to start panicking now? *headdesk*

I can totally panic.

You? You can't. You canabsolutelynot panic. You can, however, go to the site and sign up, too. It's for a good cause, and it's the last one. Let's go out with a bang, people, not a whimper. Let's go down Winchester style.
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2009-03-22 06:02 pm
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4.16 and stuff

I got back from the trip a couple of hours ago. It was awesome. And [livejournal.com profile] e313 is awesome too, cuz i arrived on friday really late, and she had waited up for me so we could watch SPN together. And we did. And, the great thing about watching with a fellow fangirl, is the talking afterwards. And the flailing. Because this ep had me flailing and thinky on many levels, and though i know people more eloquent than me have already done the meta for this ep, i can't hold the thoughts back. I haven't read any other meta yet and i'm completely unspoilt for future episodes, (would like it to remain so), but this is what i came up with talking with e313 at... i don't know. After midnight on friday night.

So here it goes:

spoilers for 4.16 ahoy )
I hope you had an awesome weekend!

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2009-03-12 06:49 pm
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Dear dragonz

Dear dragonz,

First of all, for the record, ultravee is totally not asking me to do this saying she'll never do samsex again ever EVER YOU HEAR.  I am doing this completely out of my own free will what's left of it anyway and I'm just trying to lure you into the samside ease your mind with my flexing muscles compelling arguments because you're awesome magnificent sparkly shiny fudging amazing totally adorable because it's your birthday.

Look, we're spending so much time together on the Lee, and I want you to know that you write an awesome me. Totally hot. Which got ultravee drooling me thinking that deep down? You got a thing for me. And that's alright. Don't feel bad, Dean totally understands The Pirate Rule. He won't froth at the mouth feel bad if you start looking at me the way you ravish look at him.

And I totally know that you keep on saying doth the lady protest too much that i'm like your cousin, but, dragonz, even if i WAS your cousin, what's a little incest in this fandom anyway, huh?

So in conclusion, dear dragonz, as a birthday gift I promise i'll be absolutely naked co-operative for your next chapters of the Lee. I promise, scout's honour, you'll totally keep on loving to write lust after me.

Also, COMPLETELY OUT OF MY OWN FREE WILL i would like to request that you'd write Castiel, ultravee, stop shoving me dammit.

I hope you have an awesome birthday,

All my love, and glistening expanses of tight flesh

Sam Winchester.

ps I'm writing you this letter earlier, because I know that you'll be getting a lot of Dean stuff tomorrow. I don't want him to feel threatened.




Dragonz? My brother is an idiot. Ignore him. I'll be coming round tomorrow to play. -Dean

Happy birthday, lovely!  :)

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2009-03-10 10:19 pm
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The Visitor

>> The Visitor

TITLE: The Visitor.
AUTHOR:[livejournal.com profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Not really. Up to 4.03 and generic stuff for later.
CHARACTERS: John Winchester centric thing, with reference to other characters throughout the seasons (and pre-season).
SUMMARY: Uhm. It will all make sense in the end. Or so I hope.
RATING: PG13 for potty-mouth.
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, no profit, don’t sue.
NOTE: for [livejournal.com profile] animotus, muse-magnet extraordinaire.
BETA: by shiny [livejournal.com profile] may7fic

The violets in the mountains have broken the rocks.
-Tennessee Williams

On the night of his twentieth birthday, John Winchester is still in Vietnam. He shares piss-smelling shots with Jim and cracks dirty jokes with Deacon. They smoke cigarettes, drag after drag, snuffs moving like fireflies in the dark. John looks at his companions, then the night sky, wondering what the future holds.

Turns out the future holds a lot. It holds getting back home in one piece, carrying medals and the burning desire to make something of his life. A black Impala he’ll love once he drives her. A blonde girl named Mary he’ll fall for so deep he’ll never see daylight again. It holds a wedding and two births. A fire and everything avalanching after that.

But that comes after. What the future holds right after the night John turns twenty star-gazing are bullets; the world fading into blood as Deacon carries him back to the chopper, telling him not to fucking dare die on him, don’t you fucking dare, John or I’ll kill you myself. It holds the shrapnel scar that will run alongside his face for the rest of his life; Jim Murphy sitting beside comatose him, thanking him for saving his life, but why’d you have to take those bullets for me, you idiot? folded hands, praying to God and for the first time believing the words.

John can see all that. Sees his wounded body, closed eyes, nurses. Jim praying and Deacon waiting, waiting for him to wake up. Can hear himself speaking but neither Jim nor Deacon hear his confused frustration and the fear that starts building up, as he stands next to his own broken body.

He can see his hand go through it as if he’s made of smoke and realizes that this is not a dream. Not exactly.

That’s when he first sees the stranger.

Visitor )
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2009-03-09 08:09 pm
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... I passed by an accident on my way home. It was a head on collision thing, ambulances all around, saw a guy on the ground and... man... i tried catching the local news but so far I came up with zilch. I so hope everyone is alright. I mean, I had a really good teaching day today, i was singing as i was driving back and suddenly i came across this and my knees got weak and shit, people. Shit. I just hope this people are alright. *sigh*

I don't know what else to tell you. It's been a weird day. I saw this commercial where there is this grandpa and his grandson, something about bonding and chocolate and pretty boats in a greek island, and i realized i miss my grandpa.  He died way back in '88 when i was still young but i miss him.  I was loved by him and it was palpable. I still got my granny left, and that's grand, but i miss grandpa too. And i know i've been lucky, so lucky, i am being loved so much (and i love so much) my family, but it's just... i miss granpa. He had this dimple on his chin and he had careful moves and he used to pat my head and tease me and watch me play in the yard.

And just... who the fuck creates life when one is taking it away, huh? What kind of creator is that, if there is one? What kind of cosmic plan? Ta panda rei and all that shit that Heraclitus said, yeah, i know, what don't change dies, but even if it changes it dies anyway and i don't know.  I wish i believed in afterlife, but i have a rough time believing and it makes it so... i don't know. On the one hand every little worry seems stupid, just stuuupid, and on the other you just... i can't deal with shit like that. Don't wanna deal with shit like that, don't want to think about the cosmic vastness because everything seems so small compared to that.

And my cousin is going to start chemo soon and it just... I don't know. It's just... weird brain chemistry today, is all.
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2009-03-01 01:56 pm



AUTHOR:[livejournal.com profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: none.
GENRE: Gen. (could be debated)
CHARACTERS: Dean, Castiel
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them. Don’t sue me. If I did own them, I would have run off somewhere exotic with them as my…uh…companions. And not many clothes involved.
BETA: by shiny [livejournal.com profile] pdragon76

He has the fry in his hand for a long time before he decides to put it in his mouth. He looks at it, holds it up at different angles, observes the golden-yellow colour of it. He brings it to his nose, sniffs, then turns it some more between his fingertips.

Dean drops his head on the shiny plastic surface of the table.

“Just.put.it.in.your.mouth, Cas.” His voice is muffled by his arms. “It’s a fry, not some unholy shit.”

“I am deciding, Dean.”
Fry )
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2009-02-23 07:50 pm
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All God's children need travelling shoes

>> All God’s children need travelling shoes

TITLE: All God’s children need travelling shoes
AUTHOR:[livejournal.com profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: up to 4.10
GENRE: Het-ish (could probably get away with gen too, but let’s stick to one label, yes?)
CHARACTERS: Castiel, Anna
SUMMARY: When they meet again, there is no light nor wind.
RATING: pg13
FEEDBACK: Dude… duh.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, no profit, don’t sue.
NOTES: Don’t even ask.
BETA: by the brilliance that is[livejournal.com profile] pdragon76

When they meet again, there is none of her light and no gust of wind. The field is bathed in bright sunlight, though, and the trees are barely moving in what tries to be a breeze and fails.

The road is dirty and the grass is high and the fence she’s leaning against is old; her face too young as she tilts it against the sunlight, trying to soak it in.

“Annael,” he says. This is no battlefield and her name slips like a song.

“It blows, you know.” She turns her face to him, opens her eyes, and they are old, old eyes. “I can’t feel it. I’m trying so hard to remember what it’s like, but I can’t really feel it.”
Feel )
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2009-02-21 03:46 pm

They are not all saints

>> They are not all saints

TITLE: They are not all saints
AUTHOR: [livejournal.com profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: Vaguely for all season 4 and for The Graveyard Book.
GENRE: Gen. Supernatural/The Graveyard Book.
CHARACTERS: Sam, Dean, Silas
SUMMARY: “If you drop that match, I will have to harm you.”
FEEDBACK: Dude… duh.
DISCLAIMER: Don’t own, no profit, don’t sue.
NOTES: Dear Mr Gaiman. Please please please don’t sue me. I meant no offence, it’s just that Silas haunted me. Dear Mr Kripke… well, you know how that one goes now, don’t you?
BETA: by lovely [livejournal.com profile] kattahj

Lisa, vampires are make-believe, like elves, gremlins and Eskimos.
-Homer Simpson

Like another story, years ago, this too starts in a cemetery. It’s not an ornate or overtly large one, just a cemetery this side of a small no-name town with an increasing rate in mysterious deaths the last weeks.

There is nothing unusual in the night breeze and the rustling leaves of the trees, nothing unusual about the silhouette of the town in the darkness. What’s unusual is that this tiny cemetery seems to have forgotten that graves are supposed to be covered up and the mausoleums locked, and it is strewn with salt and doused with gasoline from one end to the other. It makes one wonder who would have so much time and stamina, gasoline and salt to do all this, but the answer is probably easy: this is a hunter’s job. A Winchester one, to be more specific.

“If you drop that match, I will have to harm you.”

It isn’t a threat. It’s a statement, an undisputable fact like the Earth is round or This is the middle of nowhere (sort of) in the middle of the night and this guy has appeared out of the dark shadows around us and most importantly, we didn’t hear him.
The stranger )
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2009-02-19 08:47 pm
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Flist? Assistance thingy.

I haz got a question and a favour to ask.. Is anyone familiar with Gaiman's The Graveyard book? And is anyone willing to beta? I got a small 1000 gen fic, xover spn/the graveyard book and i wonder if anyone could take a look? I would love you forever. Even post-apocalyptically.

*stretches* It's been so long since i've actually sat down to complete a story and i feel sooo out of shape. But i think i'm...warming up again. *cradles muse and doesn't want to let go*

(on the other hand, writing when sick is not smart. Makes the headache worse. Ah well.)
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2009-02-17 06:24 pm
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Insert clever title here.

I am sick. I have therefore reached the conclusion that February must pass, too. March. I totally need March. Maybe. I'll totally settle for the weekend. *is irrationally cranky. And schizoidally shiny*


*gets back to bed*