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I got back from the trip a couple of hours ago. It was awesome. And [livejournal.com profile] e313 is awesome too, cuz i arrived on friday really late, and she had waited up for me so we could watch SPN together. And we did. And, the great thing about watching with a fellow fangirl, is the talking afterwards. And the flailing. Because this ep had me flailing and thinky on many levels, and though i know people more eloquent than me have already done the meta for this ep, i can't hold the thoughts back. I haven't read any other meta yet and i'm completely unspoilt for future episodes, (would like it to remain so), but this is what i came up with talking with e313 at... i don't know. After midnight on friday night.

So here it goes:

I love Sam, yes? I always did. I also love Dean. I love them all, with special emphasis on Cas and John, so this? This is not part of the Sam vs Dean thing. I don't give a crap about that. These are my own thoughts. Characters should serve the story, not the other way round, anyway. For me at least. Anyway.

So, i love Sam. I do. But my first thought when i saw him drinking that blood was 'oh you arrogant bastard." Cuz, hey, he is arrogant. He is a lot like John, but John had two children following him, and that grounded him, made him.... less rigid than Sam. Sam is arrogant. So arrogant. He was warned by Dean to stop using his powers, and Dean is the guy who laid down his life for him without a moment's thought. He should have listened. He was warned by Cas. He was warned even by poor, brilliant Pam, and STILL he goes on and does that. Which means he's a junkie. Yes? Which also means that Ruby? Ruby is waaaaaay higher in the hierarchy than we thought, cuz i don't think that a smallfry demon would a. have that magic knife she had b. would have the ability and blood powerful enough to train Sam. So she's been part of the YED's plan all along, offering power in clever ways. And Power corrupts, and Sam's heading down that way and the road to hell being paved with good intentions? Sam's doing some pretty solid paving if you ask me.

Which logically leads to the conclusion that since Dean is the first seal, Sam is the last. It makes sense somehow, no? He's been steered there, maybe to serve as a host or general for Lucifer himself.

Dean. Jensen should get a freaking Emmy already. Thing is though, before he was the one to break the seal, they tried to make John break it, no? According to Alastair. Which got me thinking that AAAAAALL of this was the YED's plan. Psy kids were just something of a smoke screen. Maybe he had seen their auras or whatever, and he framed the father, the righteous father, leading him to hell, because how else would a righteous man end up in hell in order to do the killing? How else? Only with a devil's deal. But the father held out, so they got the son eventually. Maybe there was something bright in them, something bright in all the Winchester boys. And maybe whatever was bright in Sam, they attempt to twist, because there is nothing more dangerous than somebody heaving havoc all the while believing that he is doing the right thing. Maybe the first and last seal should be broken by common blood, i don't know.

But this is the thing. If Dean is the righteous one, Sam has become self-righteous. And i love Kripke for leading us smoothly there, for selling it so freaking well and at the same time making me go all 'oh sam' because you can see which choices led him on his path.

Speaking of Emmy, one for Misha too. Freaking brilliant he is. And his chemistry with Dean is amazing. Now, I'm a gen girl, but in this case? This is the closest to slash that Kripke could show onscreen. And man, it can be totally sold. Because here is the thing. Anna and Castiel are the last of their garrison, no? Castiel has lost his brothers, is lost, confused, has shaky faith.

And Dean... Dean misses his brother, lord knows that. We saw that in the ep with the Siren, how this New and Improved Sam has left a gaping hole in him. So he needs something to hold on to, and i think that someone is Castiel. I don't mean it (just) for sex, i'm talking about bonds and roots. Both are always trying to do the right thing, both are trying to protect people, and both are confused and torn with choices. And Cas has nowhere to go. He can't trust the other angels, can he? Besides Anna i mean. Speaking of which, in this episode? Anna reminded me... of a mother somehow. Or a sergeant taking care of her soldiers, her sons. There was nothing hetish about that (for me) but there were bonds, ties that run deep.

(Castiel in his trenchcoat, bend over the trap trying to figure how the trap broke, reminded me of Mulder somehow. Don't know why. And Anna came, in her red hair, all Scully like, seeding doubt. He wants to believe and she's the sceptic. Just an odd thought.)

So, a lot of angels hate mankind, demons hate mankind, angels and demon hate each other and the apocalypse is coming so much closer. How much more can i love this show? How much more.

(just a question though, if only angels can kill angels, how does this agree with the first angel eps when Cas was saying 'i lost six brothers this week'? *frown*)

These were some of the things e313 and I were flailing about. I swear, if you look real close, you might actually find coherency somewhere in the above text, but i'm so tired and i just needed to write everything down before it evaporates from my brain. *yawn*
I hope you had an awesome weekend!

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