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Dear dragonz,

First of all, for the record, ultravee is totally not asking me to do this saying she'll never do samsex again ever EVER YOU HEAR.  I am doing this completely out of my own free will what's left of it anyway and I'm just trying to lure you into the samside ease your mind with my flexing muscles compelling arguments because you're awesome magnificent sparkly shiny fudging amazing totally adorable because it's your birthday.

Look, we're spending so much time together on the Lee, and I want you to know that you write an awesome me. Totally hot. Which got ultravee drooling me thinking that deep down? You got a thing for me. And that's alright. Don't feel bad, Dean totally understands The Pirate Rule. He won't froth at the mouth feel bad if you start looking at me the way you ravish look at him.

And I totally know that you keep on saying doth the lady protest too much that i'm like your cousin, but, dragonz, even if i WAS your cousin, what's a little incest in this fandom anyway, huh?

So in conclusion, dear dragonz, as a birthday gift I promise i'll be absolutely naked co-operative for your next chapters of the Lee. I promise, scout's honour, you'll totally keep on loving to write lust after me.

Also, COMPLETELY OUT OF MY OWN FREE WILL i would like to request that you'd write Castiel, ultravee, stop shoving me dammit.

I hope you have an awesome birthday,

All my love, and glistening expanses of tight flesh

Sam Winchester.

ps I'm writing you this letter earlier, because I know that you'll be getting a lot of Dean stuff tomorrow. I don't want him to feel threatened.




Dragonz? My brother is an idiot. Ignore him. I'll be coming round tomorrow to play. -Dean

Happy birthday, lovely!  :)

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