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AUTHOR:[ profile] ultraviolet9a
SPOILER: none.
GENRE: Gen. (could be debated)
CHARACTERS: Dean, Castiel
FEEDBACK: Dude…duh.
DISCLAIMER: I don’t own them. Don’t sue me. If I did own them, I would have run off somewhere exotic with them as my…uh…companions. And not many clothes involved.
BETA: by shiny [ profile] pdragon76

He has the fry in his hand for a long time before he decides to put it in his mouth. He looks at it, holds it up at different angles, observes the golden-yellow colour of it. He brings it to his nose, sniffs, then turns it some more between his fingertips.

Dean drops his head on the shiny plastic surface of the table.

“, Cas.” His voice is muffled by his arms. “It’s a fry, not some unholy shit.”

“I am deciding, Dean.”

The words are so somber that Dean raises his head, then his palms skywards in a mix of exasperation and resignation.

“Deciding? This is a fry. You put it in your mouth. You chew. You swallow. End of story. Just eat the damn fry. Please. It’s the only way you’d understand, she said.”

Castiel sighs. Dean scratches the back of his head. The name Anna hovers unspoken between them. Castiel breaks the silence first.

“What if it is one of the Seals?”

Dean tips his head forwards, mouth half-open in his inability to come up with a reply.

Castiel carefully lays the fry on top of the others. It’s a gentle gesture, as if the position of the fry will determine the unraveling of planetary systems.

“Dean.” Castiel folds his hands neatly on the table. “Man fell because of an apple. Who is to say that a fry is not forbidden as well? For angels?”

“But… it’s… a fry! Besides, I thought the whole forbidden fruit thing was just a metaphor for sex.”

Castiel tilts his head to the side. “A metaphor,” he says. “Hm.”

He looks at Dean for a long, long time. Dean fidgets under the scrutiny. Castiel straightens his head, and shifts his gaze to the plate of fries between them.

Then he reaches out with one determined gesture, takes the fry and puts it in his mouth. He chews first slowly, then frantically, with eyes closed tight.

There’s a loud gulp as he swallows.

“So?” Dean opens his arms. “Any revelation? Do you understand whatever it was you’re supposed to?”

Castiel opens his eyes. And just for a tiny moment there’s a glint there, not entirely angelic.

-The End.

SIDENOTE: Yeah, I know it was Ruby who said fries were deep-fried crack or whatever. But… well… I thought I’d reverse it. Fruit are overrated anyway.

Could probably be seen as a… spin-off to All God’s children need travelling shoes.

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